I’m Sick and Tired… 07/27/11

I’m sick and tired of the president of the United States saying the words – shared sacrifice. If this community organizer believed in shared sacrifice, then he would be asking EVERYONE to pay federal income taxes. That’s right, the only way sacrifice can be shared is if everyone shared by paying federal income taxes. Only the top 50% of wage earners pay federal income taxes. The lowest wage earners in the United States of America have no ‘skin in the game’ to quote Joe Biden.

The highest 20% of wage earners pay over 80% of all federal income taxes. Some reports of the “tax burden” put the top 10% of wage earners paying almost 90% of all federal income taxes.

So the president/community organizer really means shared misery. He thinks that the so-called “wealthy” in the United States are not feeling miserable enough during our current economic condition. Since when is it anybody in government’s job to see that any class of people are feeling an “economic hit” in their lifestyle or pocketbook. This president is a socialist.

As I have said before in this column, if we permanently reduce income taxes to a 15% maximum rate, eliminate the corporate income tax entirely, reduce the capital gains rate to a maximum of 15% permanently, then our economy would have double digit growth rates for years.

Our president actually wants the wealthy to be miserable. Shared sacrifice?? The wealthy are the only ones paying income taxes today. What does he want the wealthy to “share”? That is simply nonsensical. How can there be shared sacrifice by the wealthy when they are the only one sacrificing now?

In addition, the poor are not miserable today. Have you seen the Heritage Foundation report on those at or below the so-called poverty level? Over 75% have air conditioning, while only 30 years ago, only 36% of the entire U.S. population had air conditioning. Nearly 75% of poor households own a car and 30% own two or more. Over 95% have a color television, while over 50% own two or more. Over 75% have a VCR or DVD player and another 73% own a microwave oven. Remember these are percentages of the “poor” not the general population.

So, whenever you hear the talking heads on the national news throw out statistics about the “poor”, remember the way the so-called poor live in the United States of America.

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