I’m Sick and Tired… 08/10/11

I’m sick and tired of the liberal democrat politicians blaming Tea Party hardliners for Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the federal government’s huge debt. How many people do you know that claimed to be fiscal conservatives that echo the same thing as these liberal politicians? I got news for you, they were never fiscal conservatives.

The Vice President of the United States called Tea Party members terrorists and David Axelrod referred to them as holding the debt vote hostage and that they wanted to see the United States default. There was never any risk of default.

I’m not a member of any Tea Party organization, but I agree with their position on not increasing the debt limit. These same liberals claim that it has been raised 76 times since established. So what! Enough is enough! Isn’t this what the debt limit was intended to do. Our GDP is $14 trillion and now our debt is over $14 trillion. Atlas has shrugged!

Our illustrious Republican politicians all voted to INCREASE the debt limit. Both of Texas’ senators, Cornyn and Hutchison as well as our local congressman Pete Olson voted to stick every taxpayer with more debt and INCREASE government spending in every single department.

If no debt limit agreement were passed then the government would not have defaulted on interest payments on U. S. treasury bonds. Every single seasoned citizen and soldier would have been paid with current monthly federal government revenues.

The only thing that would happen is every federal government department would have actually had to cut 30% to 40% from their current levels. That sounds like a pretty good start to me! Yes, highway funds would be restricted as well as money for all those innovative new military weapons but I guarantee you Interstate 10 would still work perfectly fine for at least five years and the Pentagon would not be closed and no aircraft carrier would go without fuel.

This is what terrified these politicians because if the federal government had to tighten its belt and our phones still rang and our lights turned on, then voters would realize that we can all survive with less federal government.

All those White House correspondents, cable news channels and national network news anchors all want you to think that we would not survive without the federal government so it should be no surprise that they actually want the federal government to spend/waste even more of our money.

These 24-hour cable channels relish in the federal governments misuse of our tax dollars, every single one of them. It may not be on purpose and that may not be their directive but it obviously helps their cause – viewers and ratings. I have said before, if Congress was only in session six months and then in their district for six months, then half of these bubble-headed bleach blondes would have nothing to talk about.

We don’t need a balanced-budget amendment; we need congress spending our money for only six months a year. You think they are in Washington D. C. passing laws – no, we have just about every criminal law there can be. Congress just spends our tax dollars on frivolous things and buying votes.

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2 Comments for “I’m Sick and Tired… 08/10/11”

  1. thinkfirst

    The U.S. would have gone into default if the debt ceiling was not raised because it was debt that had already been incurred.
    The only reason there was never any risk of default was because both parties were aware of this fact and were not going to let politics get in the way of reaching a decision. Which, even if it was last minute, they did accomplish.
    Check your facts before using your position as a “writer” to spread lies.

    Source: http://www.concordcoalition.org/issue-briefs/2011/0708/understanding-federal-debt-limit

  2. megelll

    Thank you for reading my column, but you are wrong. The only threat of default is not making interest payments to the holders of U.S. debt (all forms such as notes and bonds, savings bonds, etc.).

    That interest expense on U.S, outstanding debt is around $35 billion per month, which amounts to around 30% of the total that the government takes out of the U.S economy (private sector) through individual and corporate income taxes alone or about about $1.1 trillion per year. This does not include social security and medicare taxes withheld.

    I research my facts as best I can, although with the federal government, sometimes those facts are a little nebulous. Now I hear over the weekend if we didn’t increase the debt ceiling, then the entire federal spending would have to have been reduce by 60%.

    This still sounds like a pretty good start.

    I wonder why you did not post your name????

    Michael Fredrickson

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