I’m Sick and Tired… 08/24/11

I’m sick and tired of liberal democrats lecturing the public to tone-down the political rhetoric. In other words, if you have a philosophical difference and you refuse to compromise on your principals, then you are extreme.

Tell that to Rep. Maxine Waters (Democrat, California). This liberal democrat made sure her husband’s bank received TARP funds even though the bank should have been taken over due to its low capital to asset ratio. Prior to that she berated oil company executives at a Congressional hearings where she admitted, ‘…this liberal will be all about socialize… uh, uh, uh, will be all about basically, uh taking over and the government running all of your companies’. Another proud liberal democrat exposed by the words coming out of her mouth. See for yourself on You Tube.

During the republican presidential debate last week not one of the candidates would agree to $10 in spending cuts for $1 in increased taxes. Every political talk-show host quoted that as an example of the Tea Party running the Republican Party. I was pleasantly surprised that every candidate was smart enough not to fall for that trap. It was the only moment in the debate that I cheered out loud.

They could see the headline… Candidate so-in-so agrees to tax increase.

Every tax dollar out of our pocket is a dollar poured down a rat-hole. The over-reaching federal government does not create one job with that money.

They are trying to disguise a tax increase by calling it tax reform. When the talking heads on TV or a politician says the words “tax reform” just “hear” the word “tax increase”. You see, there is no reform, just deduction take-aways and nothing else.

Call your congressman today and tell him the only tax reform you want to see is a flat tax or replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax. These measures are true tax reform. Anything else is just a tax increase.

Remember, the Bush tax cuts gave a tax cut to every single income taxpayer in the United States. That is not enough for the liberal democrats. Bush really got their goat when he gave an income tax cut to everyone instead of just the rich. You can tell because they still repeat that lie today.

He brought down the highest marginal rate from 39.6% to 35% and revenue to the treasury increased. Just 4.6 percentage points has driven these democrats crazy. That 4% is your money, not the governments and not the liberal democrat that argues with you that the government should have that money (to pour down a rat-hole).

The liberal democrat that argues for this tax increase wants to redistribute wealth and nothing more. Let me tell you something, we redistribute wealth ourselves. We distribute it to our churches and charities and non-profits that deserve our wealth and actually get it to people that need help.

These haters of wealth creation will site statistics that “prove” the highest income earners are increasing wealth while the lowest income earners are losing wealth and then say ‘see, we need to increase taxes on those evil rich people’. All they want is to redistribute wealth and nothing else. In fact, the Bush tax cuts for everyone, decreased the percentage on the lowest marginal rate more than on the highest marginal rate.

Never mind what will happen to job creation after the government takes $500 billion a year out of the private sector through tax increases if they let the Bush tax cuts expire.

Don’t forget, if you let the Bush tax cuts expire there will be a higher tax rate on the lowest income taxpayers. So, whenever anyone complains about the Bush tax cuts just ask him or her why they want a tax increase on the poor.

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