I’m Sick and Tired… 08/31/11

I’m sick and tired of liberals insisting we need a tax increase because the president’s deficit is too high and cannot have a balanced budget without more revenue.

That is stupid! Every dollar the government takes from us is a dollar the private sector does not have to circulate through the economy.

The stupid liberal answer to this is, ‘the government spends and circulates that dollar back through the economy’.

Seriously? These people repeat this lie over and over so it filters down to the voting public that actually falls for that (il) logic. These people equate government spending with private sector investment. There is not one single thing that the government spends money on that is not wasted.

The liberal will say, ‘the private sector wastes money as well on things like over paid CEO’s’. This liberal is prime for being educated. When the private sector wastes money, they go out of business. When the government wastes (or the program fails) money, they expand the program!

You see, federal government bureaucracy just belches and takes another bite from the trough. It is a gluttonous pig that never, ever, ever down sizes. When you and your family have less or take a pay cut, you decrease your expenses.

Not the federal government.

Today, it sees businesses that are too big to fail. It has turned established contract law on its head. Thirty years ago Lee Iacocca borrowed money from the federal government to keep Chrysler in business. He paid it back with interest and met all other obligations (contracts).

When GM could not afford to pay the auto unions all their promises and lifetime guarantees, Barack Hussein Obama took over the company and told everybody that GM owed money to jump off a cliff. Oh, except for all the current and retired union workers pensions and medical insurance. If you owned common or preferred stock or a corporate bond, too bad.

This is how government operates. When it fails, they want more of your money. Take the failed $1 trillion stimulus package that was a payoff to the unions/labor. The president’s defenders say it wasn’t enough. They say it should have been $2 trillion!

I’m serious! And they say it with a straight face.  Now he wants an “infrastructure bank”? to pay for infrastructure. Over a year ago, I told you any government stimulus should be targeted and temporary. These same defenders admit that only 10 to 15 percent of the stimulus was for so-called shovel-ready infrastructure projects. Before the stimulus was passed, they all acted like that was all that was in the stimulus.

In response to last week Bev’s Burner comment about republican’s thinking democrats don’t love their country. We conservatives know that most democrat voters love their country. It is the extreme liberal democrats in congress that spend all their time trying to change our country that obviously don’t love it (Maxine Waters, Democrat, California).

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3 Comments for “I’m Sick and Tired… 08/31/11”

  1. c.preston.r

    I quote your column: “There is not one single thing that the government spends money on that is not wasted.”

    I’m surprised at your low opinion of those government employees in our military. It’s a shame that you think their service to our country is a waste.

    I’m surprised of your low opinion of the doctors and nurses that work in the VA hospitals. I don’t think their heroic efforts are wasted.

    I’m surprised of your low opinion of the police and fire departments. They protect you, your home and your business every day and only get scorn from you for wasting your tax money.

    I’m surprised at your low opinion of public school teachers. They work hard every day to educate our children so they can become contributing members of our society but you think they are wasting money.

    I presume you assume that if we eliminated taxes that private industry would pick up all government functions at much lower cost. Just exactly how would those private armies work? Who would pay for them? Who would control them?

    I suggest you think before you mindlessly shout out the next Tea Party slogan.

  2. star_admin

    Thank you for reading!

    I never said one thing about teachers, firefighters, policemen or soldiers or
    their performance. They are not the problem.

    To quote you liberal’s mantra during the Bush administration, ‘I’m not against
    the soldier, I’m against the war’.

    I do have complete and utter disdain for every one of those bureaucracies that
    oversee these government workers, especially the military industrial complex.

    Do you honestly believe that when I say every government
    bureaucracy is riddled with waste, that that is in any way a slight to teachers, et al.

    Why don’t you call or write FBISD and ask one simple question. How many
    teachers were employed during last year’s school year and how many administrators
    (anybody other than food service or transportation) were employed during the same time.

    You will not get a straight answer.

    As I have stated before in my column, I’m not a member of any Tea Party.
    I guess I don’t have to be to know that I and the rest of every income taxpayer
    is Taxed Enough Already!

    Funny how you did not dispute one of my actual statements and instead misinterpreted
    my whole premise – the more money the government takes from producers, the more
    they waste and ask for more.

    Do you remember the election of 2010? Over 600 state legislators flipped Republican as well as
    net pick ups for the Republican Party higher than any election in history! That includes
    U.S. House and Senate seats along with state governors and state legislators.

    We are sick of it!!

    – Michael Fredrickson

    • c.preston.r

      “I think the vast majority of people in this country are fed up with being told that they are sick and tired. I’m not. And I’m sick and tired or being told that I am.” – Monty Python

      Unfortunately much of what passes for political discussion in this country now sounds like a Monty Python bit.

      Thanks for your response. I’ve never had a letter to the paper answered in such detail.

      I’ll make you a pledge. Republicans like pledges these days. I won’t accuse you of being a member of the Tea Party if you don’t call be a liberal. There’s really nothing wrong with being a liberal but I don’t think I really measure up. I even remember when there was such a thing as a liberal Republican. I greatly admired Everett Dirksen and Nelson Rockefeller. My only problem with the liberal label these days is that it seems to be a Republican code word for “alien, atheist, Muslim, terrorist, socialist, traitor”. I don’t believe I fit any of those. How about we just call each other Americans, with different political views?

      I did not debate all the facts in your column. I am an engineer and I deal in facts every day. In political discussion what passes for facts are usually highly edited to fit the argument of the speaker. I think it is better to debate ideas, i.e. is ALL government spending wasted? I’ll be interested to see if Gov. Perry asks for FEMA funds to mitigate the damage from the fires in Columbus, Bastrop and Grimes counties. Would that be a waste?

      You are correct in that Republicans won many elections in 2010. The nation is grateful that we are now back to full employment and the federal budget is in surplus. O wait, that was back in the Clinton administration.

      Sorry, I couldn’t help but make that last dig. Have a good day, American!

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