I’m Sick and Tired… 09/21/11

I’m sick and tired of this president resorting to class-warfare and calling his latest $1,500,000,000 tax bill a “Jobs Act”. Maybe some of those tax dollars will be given to more fraudulent companies like the now bankrupt Solyndra.

The president actually met with their CEO and gave a speech from their factory floor while promoting this company as an example of stimulus money creating jobs. What a disgrace. The one-half billion dollars from government guaranteed loans will be used to pay back private investors in front of taxpayers including Obama’s fund-raiser and money-bundler George Kaiser.

So, the president wants to increase taxes by $1.5 trillion while spending $500 billion on a “jobs programs”. Would that be the “shovel-ready” infrastructure jobs that were suppose to be created in the first $800 billion pork-ulus bill?

On Monday he also specified cuts to Medicare and Medicaid benefits of $580 billion, while letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire. According to Obama, ‘it’s only right we ask everyone to pay their fair share.’ The top 1% of income earners pay approximately 40% of all income taxes paid to the U. S. Treasury.

Really, the only people not paying their fair share are the lowest income earners, which is approaching 50% of all income taxpayers. I think most of these untaxed workers realize they get a pass and actually say to themselves ‘thank you income taxpayers, for giving us a free ride and I don’t believe in demonizing you.’

He also buries $130 billion of increased fees (taxes) that everybody will have to pay and not just millionaires. Like I said when he was elected, ‘everybody will pay higher taxes under this president.’

This president has no clue where or how jobs are created. Every dollar the government taxes from anyone is a dollar taken away from job creators. That dollar does not end up in job creators’ hands; it ends up in the government’s big fat belly that belches out dragon fire on our free-market economy.

Just two years ago, Obama said emphatically that you don’t increase taxes on anybody during a recession. On Monday Obama gave false options like, we have to gut education or increase taxes on corporations and billionaires. He repeated this straw man fallacy throughout his pitiful speech.

I have serious doubts about national polls that show this charlatan with a 42% job approval. I cannot believe there is that high a percentage of a kool-aid drinker.

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