Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/08/12

And they call themselves Christians…….Just like the national Republican Party which is busily shooting itself in the foot by running presidential candidates who can’t beat Obama, the local party is making the same mistake. It’s trying to eat its own, according to my sources.

Much like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are saying such nasty things about each other that President Obama won’t even have to point out their faults but can simply campaign positively, the local Republicans are doing the same thing to their party chair.

As many of you may know, my relationship with the local Republican Party ended several years ago when they tried to have me removed as Precinct Chair for writing “tacky” things about Tom DeLay. Since the things I was writing about him turned out to be true, I don’t know how that has worked out for them, but during that time, they ran through two County Chairs, Eric Thode and Gary Gillen, both of whom had the best interests of the party at heart. They were hounded out of the office for which they received no pay and for which they worked tirelessly.

Since that time the party has not enjoyed the cachet it once did with some of the big money donors. Sure, it has won elections, but it has been unable to raise much money or at least that’s what I have heard, as the former chairman during that time, Rick Miller, has not been exactly forthcoming with the profits from the annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner which is the major fund-raiser of the party.

The local party has become virtually irrelevant, leaving most of its work up to the various Republican women’s club, just like it always has.

In fact, the chairman who had a hand in getting rid of the duly elected Gary Gillen, has since resigned. Rick Miller is currently running for office himself. He claims to have started the local Tea Party, although none of the Tea Party people claim to remember it that way. Most people think Miller has little chance of winning.

As he was leaving, Mr. Miller anointed a lady named Sharon Roberts as county chair to take his place. The precinct chairs ratified his selection and voted her in over Mike Gibson who has run for the office before and is running again. Then also immediately the evangelicals began to tear her down. I’ve heard that they are trying to scuttle the Lincoln-Reagan fund-raiser, telling everyone not to buy tickets or tables for the event in order to make her look bad. Since this is the main way the county party makes money, they are willing to sacrifice their own party to make her look ineffective.

An independent woman…..Most of the evangelicals I’ve met on the precinct chair political level never open their Bible or their pocketbooks, so this is nothing new. And it is exactly why I am no longer an avowed Republican. I consider myself an Independent, although another friend of mine claims that people who call themselves “Independent” are simply Democrats who won’t admit it. Ha!

I’ve never met Sharon Roberts but friends of mine say they like her and they think I would also. She may just be tougher than either Eric or Gary. I shouldn’t say this but women usually are. After all, we are the ones who have babies. This world would be much less populated today if men had the babies.

The big question is why Miller would anoint Roberts then turn around and almost immediately reject her. The only thing that pundits can figure out is that he thought he could continue to run the party and she would be a puppet. Evidently they had never read her blog, nor knew her corporate background.

A funny lady…..There is an 80-year-old lady in Austin who has a blog and talks about politics when she feels like it. It’s called “Margaret and Helen” and it is salty and a hoot. The blog consists of Helen writing her lifelong friend Margaret, who lives in Maine, a letter about politics in the headlines. Not long ago, she had the best descriptions of Republican presidential candidates. Here is what she wrote:

Herman Cain goes out because he played Newt Gingrich in blackface. Then Michele Bachmann dropped out because Jesus told her he missed their quiet moments together. Jon Huntsman dropped out because we already had one Mormon in the race. Rick Perry didn’t mean to run in the first place. Ooops. Ron Paul might still have a pulse – somebody check. But Rick “Man on Animal” Santorum won Iowa. And Mitt “Today Pro-Choice Tomorrow Pro-Life” Romney won New Hampshire. And now Newt “Does This Tie Go With My Religion?” won South Carolina.

Can you believe what the Komen organization did?….When the Susan G. Komen organization bought into the right wing political agenda and temporary cut funding for Planned Parenthood, they almost destroyed the brand. They quickly backed off and claimed it was a mischaracterization, but there is not a woman in the world who believes that. They should have simply admitted they made a mistake and fired that crazy lady who talked them into it.

I don’t care if they did back off. I’ll never trust them again and I’ve had breast cancer and I’m sure I have benefited from their work. But I’m not giving them any more money, not one red cent. I’ll contribute directly to breast cancer research and Planned Parenthood.

It’s going to take the Komen brand a long time to build up trust in women again because I think a lot of women are as distrustful as I.

What’s not to like about the Clint Eastwood ad?….The Republicans are howling about Clint’s half-time ad during the Super Bowl. I thought it was simply a cheer for Detroit and America. The Republicans are saying it was a cheer for Obama.

It seems to me the national Republicans would hurt America now because they believe that Obama is already hurting America. The country is really polarized and if Clint Eastwood can give us a pep talk, hooray for him!

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