Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/15/12

“This week I yield my space to rant and rave to LeaAnne Klentman” – Bev

By LeaAnne Klentzman

Jail house bully…..Recently the Star ran a story telling the public to blow the whistle on public corruption.

Well, they did; on many fronts and at several different levels. Imagine our disgust when someone who spoke up became the target of a ferreting group of administrators over at the Sheriff‘s department. As we worked our way through the information, one example that has come to light is a young American who mistakenly thought that since we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we have the right of free speech. The young man is the American-born child of immigrants from a Communist country–parents who fled oppression to come to America for a better life and unlimited opportunity for their children.

The disgust that a county government would allow some tin-badge wearing bully to stifle employee’s free speech, especially one whose family history exemplifies the American Dream, it is almost too much to bear. This kind of oppression from the same administrators that allow select employees, who, by the way, are former family members, to falsify time sheets, get busted from sergeant back to deputy, then get re-promoted back to sergeant just a few months later, is despicable.

As a side note, that same sergeant who was taking liberties with timesheets (his and his subordinate girlfriend’s) also has a history of liberating more than time. Back in the mid 90’s he was suspended for a lengthy time for taking home“found property” from a police call, instead of booking it into the evidence room. So, how much of a stretch is it from taking bicycles that did not belong to you to liberating time from the payroll? After all, it is only payroll, and those nameless, faceless, taxpayers get to foot that bill. How many others are there doing the same thing?

Threatening and terrifying employees is no different than being the bully in schoolyard. However, we will concede that it is not as bad as driving drunk, or shooting up Lamar High School as a teenager in a drive-by shooting. Although bullying is not slated as a crime, yet, for those experiencing it, that fear, the hopelessness and despair are no less real than the fear dealt out by bullies and terrorists. Those employees, many of whom struggle to articulate just how their lives are turned upside down and inside out, face the fears of their livelihoods snatched away, their way of life and even their family’s well being is called into question.

Terrorism and evil can only take hold if we allow it. The Sheriff’s election of 2012 is the time for Fort Bend County citizens to stand united, in the face of tyranny, and liberate ourselves to a brighter future that reflects our community and our goals. As the axis of evil winds to a close, never forget, if we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

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