Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/22/12

I’ve tried to be nice….When I read about what the sheriff candidates say in the various forums they have attended, I have a hard time keeping from exploding.

This week I just couldn’t help it. I have several comments after reading LeaAnne Klentzman’s story about the latest forum.

• Billy Frank Teague promised to make sure the sheriff’s department co-operate with the other agencies in Fort Bend. Several police agencies have complained for years about the lack of co-operation they receive from the sheriff’s department. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those complaints and have personally witnessed them many times myself. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office is held in very low esteem by most of the agencies in Fort Bend. Now I’m sure that next week the sheriff’s department will put extreme pressure on different departments to reject this notion, but be warned. I know exactly what the other departments have said and I will print everything I know if you deny your former complaints to me.

Billy Frank Teague is correct in acknowledging that this is a problem. What is the shame is the amount of tax money that is wasted by conflicts between agencies.

• Furthermore, when Craig Brady says he has the knowledge, etc., etc. to CONTINUE to do the job, he is inferring that he has been doing it for the past 8 years. I wonder why we have been paying Sheriff Wright $100,000 per year when Brady has been doing his job? Brady has made this claim a cornerstone of his campaign, this continuing to do the job. Yet at times he has blamed

Sheriff Wright for several administrative actions he knows is wrong–one example being a gang task force. He has claimed that Wright would not let him start one. I get it. Take credit of anything good; blame Wright for anything bad. It’s already started.

• And lastly, as far as Brady’s seven children, someone needs to ask him about getting a jailer who worked for him pregnant, divorcing his wife of over 30 years, marrying the former jailer, then promoting her to detective within months without benefit of testing for the job or anything else. Then recently, she was promoted to a job that never existed, doesn’t have a reason to exist, and no one at the sheriff’s department knows what the job is. She did not test, nor was the job posted. I guess they are getting every last penny of tax money before the voters show them the door.

Some of you will complain that I am attacking someone for their personal life. Let me remind you that the personal life involves sex with an underling, no pun intended, and in some cases this is tantamount to sexual harassment. Then it involves spending tax money to increase the salary of your wife who did not earn the promotion in any way that someone else could.

Unfairly promoting your wife crosses the line from personal life to public records.

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