Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/29/12

There’s a war going on….Texas women either aren’t paying attention or don’t care, and its having repercussions all over the state. Witness the recent action in Virginia where they wanted to mess with women’s vj. The state legislature tried to pass a law, first introduced by the now-governor several years ago, to force women to have a vaginal probe ultra sound before they had an abortion. Women there rose up as one and scared the gobernor, sorry governor, back to his statehouse and out of his vice-president longings. There was a hoo-rah over the women’s hoo-hahs and the gobernor, sorry governor, backed down. Women wanting an abortion still have to have an ultrasound, they just don’t have to have a vaginal probe.

Now several other states are considering the measure. The only reason I can think is they want to measure the reaction of women in their state so they can see if they can pass some other misogynistic laws.

Texas already has a trans-vaginal sonogram law for women wanting an abortion. It was passed several months ago by the last legislature and I can only assume most of our legislators voted for it. Let’s see, Joan Huffman, Glenn Hegar, Charlie Howard, and John Zerwas voted to require women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram involving a vaginal probe. Huffman and Hegar even co-sponsored the bill in the Senate. Ron Reynolds and Rodney Ellis voted against it. At the time, I wrote about it and mentioned it was considered an “emergency” and took precedent over the school funding real emergency.

But because you were either asleep, didn’t care or also thought women should be punished or humiliated with a vaginal probe for seeking an abortion, you sat on your hands and did nothing.

I guess you didn’t realize there is a war going on and the war is against women.

Because no outcry was made, the bill pass handily and legislators and Texas government were emboldened enough to enforce a state law which will shut down the Women’s Health Program. Supposedly legislators who passed the bill bragged that it will keep Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal funds because even if they do not provide abortions, they are affiliated with organizations which do.

Boy, those Republicans are smart. They want to save money and cut funding by making sure that poorer women do not get any health care (maybe they will die) and they want to make sure that women who have sex and then want an abortion will just have to use a coat hanger. They don’t care if they have to care for the children later as wards of the state. Just don’t let anyone get an abortion. Idiots.

See, this is what happens when you stay quiet.

I know women in Texas are powerful. I just today heard Mickey Mixon (see front page story) ask his wife when he was going to make a statement. So why are you staying quiet about this? Don’t you realize your sisters, daughters, friends may need these services someday.

Now not only are the male Republican lawmakers going after abortion providers, in some cases we have presidential candidates trying to have contraception declared illegal or made hard to get.

If I were a younger woman, I would say I’d give up my contraceptions if you give up your Viagra.

The whole brouhaha about the Catholic Church being made to provide contraceptions for its employees was an insurance question, not a freedom of religion question. When the Catholic Church, or any other church for that matter, quits taking federal funds or starts paying its fair share in taxes, I will stand up for them. But until that time, I don’t see why a church should be excused from providing for its employees as all other employers have to.

If we know we tell….Fort Bend Democratic County Chair Stephen Brown is going to run for mayor of Missouri City. I told him that Allen Owen has been there so long he thinks he owns it and it will be a battle royal. But maybe its time for some new blood.

Whoops. I’d better keep my mouth shut. Someone may think that about this columm. Hey, I’ve been here long enough to know where ALL the bodies are buried.

But back to Brown. He has 15 years of public administration experience, and the cornerstone of his campaign appears to be economic development, particularly along Texas Parkway, and to fill the empty “big box” stores in Missouri City.

City positions are traditionally non-partisan so Brown doesn’t feel that his work in the Democratic Party will hinder him.

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1 Comment for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/29/12”

  1. Randall Floyd

    Awww, mothers actually have to hear their baby’s heartbeat and see a sonogram before they decide to take it’s life? Awww, those poor, poor Mothers. Shame on the meanie Republicans!
    <<eye roll

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