Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/07/12

Rushbo is in a peck of trouble…… Do you suppose that Rush Limbaugh reads my Bev’s Burner column? The day after I wrote last week there is a war on women, Rushbo called a young law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” for trying to testify before a congressional committee about the need for insurance coverage for contraceptives.

Rushbo accused her of having so much sex she couldn’t afford to pay for contraceptives and asked her to tape some of her sex so he could watch it since he as a taxpayer had paid for it. Rushbo even went on to say her parents should be ashamed of her. Rushbo doubled down and continued this diatribe for three days.

Can you imagine? All that vitriol over wanting to testify about conception before a committee (of all men, by the way).

So to make it even more political, President Obama called her right before she was to appear on “The View” and told her he was proud of her and he supposed her parents were also.

Now all of this is going on, mind you, because the Republicans can’t get any mud to stick on Obama who’s killed Osama Ben Laden, signed a health care bill, stopped the war in Iraq, helped overthrow Gaddafi without the loss of one American life, and was president during the largest run-up of the stock market in recent memory. They need to start calling him “Teflon” Obama.

Meanwhile, jobs are still way down, a transportation bill that would put a lot of people back to work is stalled, and the Republicans have started a war on women that is going to relegate them to a minor Southern party in the coming generation. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And the reason the Republicans are picking on women is because they haven’t been able to make anything else work, so I guess they decided that maybe they could make this work. They decided that most men hate women as much as all those congressman hate their wives. “Honey, I couldn’t help it. They just made me do it for the good of our country.”

The Libruls made Rush do it…. Of course, Rushbo, who has been married four times and has no daughters to jump his case, tried to apologize when advertisers started falling away, by blaming liberals. I kid you not. He said that he just degenerated to their level and started talking like them as he was talking about the situation.

After I told you last week about the battle in women’s health care, Newsweek did a piece about the fact that the Texas Legislature, in an attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, cut funding for women and children health care by two-thirds, from $111 million to $37.9 million. Most of the women have no recourse because then the Texas State legislature turned around and refused to accept another $35 million federal dollars for women’s health care, again to force Planned Parenthood out of business. Our state representatives and state senators who voted for this were Glenn Hegar, Joan Huffman, Charlie Howard and John Zerwas (can you imagine a doctor as Zerwas is, doing something like this. What? Is he asleep?)

Is there another way….. I think the Democrats and the Republicans should stay out of women’s health care although I have to say that the recent fight was started by the Republicans who couldn’t find anything else to get publicity about, albeit negative publicity from women’s groups. However, they don’t think women’s group have any power. They think that after all the men tell their wives how to vote. I have a feeling that any political party that starts messing with women’s health care are simply shooting themselves in the foot. Notice any limping lately?

Not gonna do it….Stephan Brown, head of the Fort Bend Democrats, has decided he is not going to run for mayor of Missouri City. Here’s the way it works. Brown works for Metro. Missouri City is the only Fort Bend city in Metro. Current mayor Allen Owen is big in Metro. I think Mr. Mayor had a talk with Mr. Metro. Whadda ya think?

Mom’s mail……… My mother, God rest her soul, has been dead 10 years. I miss her every day, but imagine my surprise when I received a letter addressed to her (she never lived with me at this address) from Sheriff Milton Wright. He wants her to be an Associate Member of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas for a mere $25. For that she will get a subscription to “The Lawman,” their quarterly publication, a membership card for her wallet, TWO window decals to display her support of law enforcement, discounted rates at LaQuinta Inns, and most importantly, she will help fight crime in Texas. There’s a box she can check to send more money. She is supposed to send this to Sheriff Milton Wright in care of the Sheriffs’ Association in Austin, and a convenient envelope has been provided.

Now I find it useless to call Sheriff Wright and ask him how this money will be spent because he won’t talk to me because he claims I always trip him up. (He makes it too easy. Is he really that dumb?) Anyway, I just thought you might want to know about this soliciting money from the dead (I’m pretty sure she never gave him money when she was alive as I was in charge of her bills for the last several years of her life and I don’t recall ever sending out money solicited like this.)But since he won’t talk to me, maybe some reader can call him and get a straight answer.

When Mom was alive, she may have wanted to be an associate lawman. She was good at getting confessions. My brother, Vance, and I often ended up confessing our wrongdoings and having to do physical work to atone. Do you think Wright is just trying to hurt me by reminding me of my mom.

Speaking of money and lawmen….. I am concerned that not one but two Nehls are on the ballot for May. The Nehls brothers, Trever and Troy, are identical twin brothers. Both are very nice and both are probably good lawmen. They are certainly brave. They both served stints in either Iraqi or Afghanistan. One, Troy, is running for sheriff. The other, Trever, is running for Pct 4 Constable.

My concern is that if both get elected, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this happened as Troy is the current Pct. 4 Constable and he is campaigning for his brother as well as himself. But what concerns me is that if both are elected, then we have a large part of our law enforcement tax money invested with two Nehls.

And speaking of Nehls….. This year Sugar Land is really enforcing a city ordinance that says city employees must not have campaign literature or signs anywhere on city property. This means if you have a bumper sticker on your personal car, you can’t park it in a city parking lot if you work for the city.

This has really caused a lot of sturm und drang including a shouting match between the city attorney and the city manager and cops who have been reduced to parking their cars on the street. I even talked to the police chief about it and he said it was true; they could not have campaign signs on their personal cars on city lots.

I suspect this is all over Trever Nehls running for constable and I’ll bet some people thought the signs were for the other Nehls and complained.

Politics have been quite entertaining this year.

Except when you start messing with women. That ain’t funny.

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  1. Randall Floyd

    “I think the Democrats and the Republicans should stay out of women’s health care…” Unless it involves birth control mandates?

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