A congressional hearing was a fluke

I’ve been getting some Facebook posts and emails from liberals recently attempting to sell Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke as a victim of conservative ire after her testimony on contraceptives and how private or religious organizations should pay for them. Many of those contacting me are saying “are you going to refute what Rush said because you have daughters, Pags.” No, I’m not.

Yes, I have daughters. They are NOT asking for $3,000 in free contraception as they go to a university that costs $150,000 to attend. Sandra Fluke was embarrassing in her “testimony” and when you put yourself out there — you open yourself up for criticism. Let’s break it down.

She claimed to have a 32 year old friend with a cyst disorder who’s health coverage didn’t pay for contraception she allegedly needed to stop from getting cysts. So, instead of buying it herself, she allowed the cysts to form. Then we were told this woman didn’t need the medication for contraception because she’s gay. The cyst grew to the size of a tennis ball. She had to have it and an ovary removed. Now, she’s gained weight and gets night sweats. But, the saddest thing about the entire story is — now, this is not MY logic, this is what Fluke and Pelosi want us to buy — that NOW she can’t give her mother the “grandbabies” she so desires. WHAT?

Many asked why this woman just didn’t get her health coverage from her parents’ provider. You know, with Obamacare, you can stay on the plan until you’re 26. Then we found out she’s actually a 30 year old left-wing liberal activist — not some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed co-ed just standing up for what’s right. Really. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/03/stunner-georgetown-coed-sandra-fluke-is-a-30-year-old-womens-rights-activist/

The argument that “she’s someone’s daughter” goes out the window when she becomes a political mouthpiece who’s goal is to squelch the 1st Amendment freedoms of other Americans. Those supporting the hypotheticals Fluke was spewing do NOT care about a faith-based or private organization’s ability to conduct business as to their beliefs.

Let’s put one other thing to bed once and for all. There is NO right wing/conservative push to outlaw or disallow the sale or availability of contraception. It’s just not happening no matter what the liberal of the day is saying to the nearest TV camera or microphone. If you want contraception, it is and will remain available. This debate is about forcing a church-based or private business to ignore its own beliefs and rights and pay for an item it is morally against.

So, yes — I have four beautiful daughters and I’m proud none of them is Sandra Fluke. That is all.

Joe Pagliarulo “Pags” is a radio talkshow host on the 950-AM, from 6 to 10 am Monday through Friday. You can call him during his show at 713- 212-5950. His website is www.joepags.com

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