Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/14/12

A new nickname…..Texas Gobernor Rick Perry has been dubbed “Governor Good Hair” by me, other columnists, bloggers, and even the voting public (although I think the term was first given to him by the sadly departed Molly Ivins).

But (thank goodness) the national press has finally picked up on the fact that Texas enacted a trans vaginal sonogram last year. A trans vaginal sonogram is one in which a 10” probe is inserted into a woman’s vagina if the age of the fetus is questionable.

Most early abortions would require it. It amounts to medical “rape” since it is done even if the woman protests. In Texas she can either have it or not have an abortion.

According to the news clips shown this week, Gov. Perry was gleeful to sign it into law. So we can finally retire the “Good Hair” appellation and start calling him “Governor Vaginal Probe.”

Of course that is also a term we can use for our Fort Bend state legislative officials who voted for the bill–Dr. Vaginal Probe Zerwas, and Rep. Vaginal Probe Charlie Howard. Also Senator Vaginal Probe Glenn Hegar and Senator Vaginal Probe Joan Huffman, who both cosponsored the bill. Must have been quite a stretch for Huffman as her husband supposedly made his money in nightclubs and gambling and nightclubs and gambling financed her first foray into state legislative politics. Maybe she has been “born again.”

Don’t worry. I will remind you again before the election who voted for the bill.

iPads need love too…..Many people have asked me to weigh in on the iPad discussion since FBISD is going to invest millions of dollars in them.

First off, the two critical thinking board members–Hohnbaum and Rice–voted against the program. That gives me pause.

Second, I love the iPads. I love them so much I gave my 5 and 7 years old grandsons iPads for their birthdays and Christmas last year. (Also my 18 year old granddaughter and 50 year old daughter.)

I noticed right away that my grandsons loved them. They downloaded free games which honed their math and word skills, and we had to beg them to watch TV as they were too busy playing with their iPads.

However, after about a year and half, they sort of lost interest. Long cars trips and a weekend at grandma’s brings out the iPads again, but they have pretty much learned all they can from the iPad and use them mostly for games and to watch UTube now. The now-6-year-old shows an inordinate interest in UTube videos about making a gun out of a ball point pen, and a bomb out of a cigarette lighter. We have hidden our pens and we don’t have cigarette lighters anyway. The now-8-year-old wants to use his adult lap top to edit movies. The iPad bores him while the adults for which I bought the iPads have always used them for games.

So if the school district gives the students the iPads to use a lot, they will probably get bored. If they keep them in their protective covers and used them infrequently, they will not learn. My concern is that few studies exist yet about the educational values of the iPad. It would seem to me if FBISD wanted to do a study, then Apple should be willing to supply the hardware. Apple has more money than Ben Gump ($80 billion by some counts).

I think FBISD Superintendent Dr. Tim Jenney wants to win some kind of award, He has been trying to spend that $18 million on some kind of “new deal” since someone figured out that was how much FBISD had laying around.

I still love my iPad. You can email me on it. ( but since FBISD has $18 million burning a hole in its pocket, maybe the district should rehire some teachers and reduce class sizes. Or fund some programs cut in this last legislative session.

A sad week……Bob Sandlin, a long-time Quail Valley resident and the former husband of Star editor Jean Sandlin, passed away this weekend. He was 81. He was the father of Jean’s children and they had remained friends all these years. Employees at the Star grieve with Jean. Arrangements are pending.

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2 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/14/12”

  1. pakonom

    I reckon the writer would not approve calling those who voted against the trans vaginal sonogram bill “Representative Baby Killer” or “Senator Baby Killer”. While some folks may view name-calling as clever, it actually reveals the intellectual bankruptcy of the name-caller’s position on the issue. Based on the writer’s logic (or lack of same), I reckon that a doctor who insists upon a vaginal exam before exterminating the unborn child should also be held guilty of “rape”.

    It was interesting to me to contrast the writer’s approach on that topic with the next one. There was no name-calling on the iPads for FBISD discussion, but rather a cogent, logical question regarding the wisdom of such an expenditure.

    Is it possible that these segments were written by two different people?

    • FortBendStar

      No, both sections were written by me, Bev Carter, who is unashamedly pro choice. And I would like to remind you or any other readers: it (pro choice) is the law of the land. You may not like it, but the Supreme Court made it so and polls show that a majority of the people agree.

      So all of the laws passed to impede women from making a choice are simply laws to humiliate and harass women. Lawmakers passing those laws which go against the law of the land deserve to be called all sorts of names. Those who don’t vote for the harassing laws are obeying the law of the land and shouldn’t be called a hateful name.
      – Bev Carter

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