Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/21/12

Pay to play?……In an effort to raise money for his campaign to be sheriff, the current chief deputy is once again throwing a crawfish boil. What makes this significant is the way in which he is going about raising the money.

In a public posting for the chief deputy, one of his team members posted the announcement stating that a $3000 sponsorship that would be an ELITE UNDERWRITER which would entitle one to  a table to seat 10 people in the VIP area. Along with that, all the crawfish, corn  and potatoes you can eat (until it’s gone) AND unlimited water, soft drinks, beer, top shelf liquor, personal wait staff, name recognition on signage for the event and VIP Parking.

For those with a lighter pocketbook you can get the CRAWDADDY VIP. You still get to eat, but the liquor is not as available. Now, to be fair, the drink tickets that come with the CRAWDADDY can also be used for soft drinks and or water. So if you opt for the $700 CRAWDADDY package, you and 10 of your closest friends still get to eat till its gone but you only get 30 drink tickets (total) per table (to include water, soft drinks, and or liquor) Now, no top shelf liquor for you lesser contributors, only select liquor, a.k.a., call drinks. Could this be an indication of the cost of law enforcement under this candidate? You gotta pay to get play?

Now, that being said, Fort Bend County is not a DRY county nor is it against the law to consume alcohol; however, it is interesting that a candidate who wants to be TOP COP, is offering unlimited liquor to his top contributors. Is plying one’s contributors with liquor before and during the auction, then turning them loose on the public as they make their way home, what you are looking for in a TOP COP candidate?

For those of you who don’t know, there is a very long, very straight Farm to Market road that leads from this Booth, Texas fundraiser location back into civilization. That civilization would Greatwood, Canyon Gate, Crabb River Road and US 59.  Heads up if you are driving along those roads on that day.

Somebody is high behind…..We got an e-mail this week from Bill Anderson, who owns all the Lifestyle magazines. The e-mail read: Hi Michael,  On the cover of your Ft Bend Business magazine you are using the phrase “The Business Lifestyle Magazine”.  I am requesting that the use of this phrase be stopped prior to the printing of the April

issue.  Lifestyle Magazine has been registered for years and is trademarked with the state of Texas and I feel it confuses consumers….something you seem to excel at.  If you don’t cease the use of this phrase I will instruct our attorney to file suit against your company.  Regards,  Bill Anderson

I don’t understand why Mr. Anderson is so upset that he would hire a lawyer. The name of our magazine is Fort Bend/Katy Business Journal. We have a little tag line underneath the name that says in 8 pt. type “The Business Lifestyle Magazine.” We’ve used this tag-line for at least three years, maybe 10.

So I feel like writing Mr. Anderson back and saying, “Bill, if you look in the dictionary, something you don’t seem to excel at,  under “lifestyle,” you will not see a picture of your magazine nor any acknowledgment that you have trademarked that word. I don’t know what brought this rancor about. Did we sell advertising to someone that he thought he owned? Did we hire one of his top performers? What’s the deal. One of his top performers used to work for us. Maybe some people just like one place and do better there. We understand that. I can’t believe that after the year I’ve been through that Bill Anderson would threaten me with a lawyer. I’ve had breast cancer and had to lose one of my boobs. My only daughter died suddenly and left me with houses, a business, and cats to tend. I’m 70 years old and look and feel every one of those years.

So, Bill, gfy.

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2 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/21/12”

  1. Susan Bankston

    Okay, that does it. I am changing the name of my website ( to “Juanita’s: The Hairstyle Lifestyle.” Anderson can sue my butt. And with the size of my butt, it’ll take him a whole herd of lawyers to do it.

    I have decided to register the word “Magazine” with the State of Texas. Now every time someone uses it, they have to pay me a quarter. I’ll put a vending machine right outside the door just for Bill.

  2. Robyn Jonas

    Well said Bev!

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