Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/28/12

Heads I win, tails you lose….The Supremes are hearing the Healthcare bill this week and next and because the media is tired of covering Romney and Santorum and have just about mined that subject out for awhile, they’ve switched to the Supreme Court which is about as absorbing as watching paint dry. We’re getting breathless reports from the court every time one of the justices yawns (yes, even they get bored) at every news cycle.

Here’s the deal: if the justices find that the healthcare law is unconstitutional, then Obama’s base will fire up and, boy, will we see a re-election fight. They’re kinda comatose now became they (and he) believe he has it in the bag what with the lackluster candidates the Republicans are fielding.

If the justices find that the healthcare law is constitutional, then Obama can do a victory lap from here to the election in November. Hence my headline.

Heads Up! There’s another hot race besides the sheriff’s race……A judicial race is also playing out in Fort Bend that should be interesting to watch especially if you want to get ticked off about something. Brenda Mullinix is the candidate for the 387th District Court in Fort Bend. She would be replacing retiring Judge Robert Kern and has been Kern’s Associate Judge for the past umpteen years (8 years). I’ve heard nothing but good things about her and believe me, since that is a family court which generates ire on both sides in any judicial action before her, I would know because I hear a lot of stuff about everything.

I especially hear a lot of stuff about the guy Mike Elliott who is running against her. First, he was an assistant district attorney who District Attorney John Healey made the rare move and fired him.

Second, he said Fort Bend wouldn’t elect a woman as judge so he signed up in the second round of signing up when the primary was extended and the signing up reopened.

Third, he is taking advantage of name ID established by a long-serving judge, Brady Elliott.

Forth, he is taking advantage of the name ID of his wife who is the district clerk. There were ethical questions about him being an assistant district attorney married to the district clerk. I can’t imagine the ethical questions about him being a judge and married to the district clerk, who takes care of all the paperwork associated with the district courts.

And fifth but by no means final, when this guy, Mike Elliott was an assistant DA, he pulled some really questionable stunts, including helping arrest the guy that was eventually found guilty of cheating his (Elliott’s) campaign manager, even though testimony revealed that she has supposedly “loaned” the guy the money he was accused of stealing.

Another group that was arrested by Elliott worked for Elliott’s good friend Holden Roofing. The men left the employ of Holden Roofing who talked the ADA into arresting them for theft. All those charges were eventually dropped although the men spent hundreds of thousands on lawyers.

MACs ain’t perfect……About every two-three years, my son gives me a new hand-me-down MAC. I have a new old MAC and it’s driving me crazy. The only computer I’ve ever had has been a MAC. I love them and have sung their praises for years, even though they are made in China for pennies and even though Steve Jobs put the profits on them in his pocket and sat on them. He didn’t declare a dividend or give away a lot of his money like Bill Gates, or if he did, he sure kept quiet about it before he passed on.

Anyway MACs are supposed to be this real user friendly machines, but I can tell you right now they aren’t.

When are computer companies going to learn to put the connectors to other things that you might use temporarily on the front of the machines. I’m so tired of trying to turn this behemoth around and plug something in the back in this little, bitty space.

MAC engineers don’t know diddle about people who sync their iPhones or iPads to their home computer.

And another thing……While I’m ranting about product design, I want to relate my experience with spray paint.

I bought some spray paint this weekend that was impossible to open. I struggled to the point that I called the 1-800 number listed on the can to find out how to open it. Matt, who answered the phone on Saturday, told me I had to insert a flat head screwdriver into the little rectangle hole on the cap. Yet there were no instructions printed on the can about this.

And the rectangle hole in the cap? My dear, we were long past that as I had decimated the cap and still couldn’t open it. At that point even Matt was at a loss.

I ended up taking the paint back to the store, Michael’s, from where I had purchased it and they couldn’t even open it. They gave me a new can. I made them open it before I left the store and I can tell you, they struggled too. The big strong guy had to get this little lady, who was no doubt making paper flowers in the back, to come to the front and open it.

Then you’re not going to believe this. Before I got to use the paint, in the next hour I mistakenly put the cap back on and couldn’t get it off again!

I had to go back to the store. I felt like wearing a mask. I was much nicer than before. I realize there are more idiots in this world than I had previously imagined.

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  1. Big Worm

    I would like to comment on a portion of this article that involves Judge Brenda Mulllinix, “The ONLY choice for the 387th District Court of Fort Bend County!” I know a little-bit about Judge Mullinix from close family and friends I have gained a great deal of confidence and respect for her. Judge Kern is, and has been, a pillar in our community and our Court system, here in Fort Bend County. He must have great confidence in Judge Mullinix for her to stand as his Associate Judge for 8 long years. As for Mike Elliott, I could go on for ever. I am one of the innocent victims of the Holden Roofing scandal. Mike Elliott was a loose cannon in the District Attorney’s office for a long time, which cost me personally 2 1/2 years of my life and over $100,000.00 to fight the fabricated indictments he brought against me. I retained “the best of the best” legal counsel. When my Attorney went to review the “supporting documents” in the cases filed against me by the District Attorney’s office, they handed him an empty file-folder; hence, evidence that Mike Elliott mislead the Grand Jury to successfully Indict me on two felonies. Investigating Detectives from Rosenberg PD were put on the stand. Under oath, my Attorney asked both Detectives what evidence did they have on his client (me) to indict me on Organized Crime and Money Laundering, or any other crime. Both Detectives response was that they had no evidence (i.e. – empty file folder). Mike Elliott was publicly fired for his wrong doing in our case. As I may never see the monies spent in proving my innocence and discrediting Mike Elliott and the District Attorney’s office (not to mention the years of my life that were lost by this scandal) one thing I want to do is inform anyone and everyone, who is willing to hear the facts. This man should never be able to hold a public office again in his life. In reality he should be behind bars for trying to ruin peoples lives for his own personal gain. This is only a fraction of my story, but the Lord only knows how many lives have been disrupted due to the Illegal misconduct of Mike Elliott. In my case, he hid behind his Immunity as an Assistant District Attorney. This is a law which should be changed. An Assistant District Attorney should be prosecuted equally if he breaks the same laws he enforces and protects.

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