A do-nothing New Voter ID Law is cherry picking says reader

Dear Editor,

The Star’s article, “New Voter ID Law may not come to pass,” was somewhat one-sided. In fact, this is yet another example of a “feel good” expensive boondoggle to fix an inconsequential problem. It’s like gold-plating your entire plumbing system to fix a dripping faucet. No Mr. Gillen, the Evil Dead aren’t stuffing Texas ballot boxes. Actual “voter impersonation” is so rare that even the highly motivated King Street Patriots couldn’t find any when they poll-watched in 2010. The Harris County authorities found that none of their 800 complaints of “improper voting” panned out to constitute a criminal act. All their angry squawking produced–a goose egg!

So why are Republican legislatures so enamored of do-nothing Voter ID laws? Because it’s all about cherry-picking voter turnout, honey. They’re part f a sophisticated pattern of gerrymandering, Early Voting curtailment, draconian restrictions on voter registration drives, etc. The Republicans want Voter ID laws to allow them to ROMP to victory, because they create a speed bump for Rural, Old, Minority and Poor voters on their way to probably vote “the wrong way.” Voter ID, like the Sonogram Law, serves to restrict an unwelcome activity that can’t be criminalized–voting-while-Democrat. It’s just the Klan in designer sheets. BOHICA!

Earl Divoky
Fresno, TX

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1 Comment for “A do-nothing New Voter ID Law is cherry picking says reader”

  1. BWilhm

    Earl, You are welcome to state your opinions on the New Voter ID, you are not entitled to misrepresent the truth.

    The fact is that the True the Vote initiative of King Street Patriots did submit actual voter impersonation among the 800 documented election irregularities from the 2010 election. Not only did they submit this evidence to Harris County authorities, the specific election workers who witnessed it, testified before the Texas legislators who reviewed and passed the new Voter ID Law. This is the law that also provides free photo IDs to those who don’t have them today.

    Why do you want these people to continue to be without a photo ID and why do you want to the weaker Voter ID laws today to stay in effect?

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