Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 04/11/12

Get out while the getting is good…….A good friend of mine whom I’ve known for years and who (I believe) has been a Republican for many years, called me last week. She was one of many.

Her question was: “What in the world is happening to the Republican Party in Fort Bend?

I answered her that the local Republican Party was simply a reflection of the state party and the national Republican party.

The Republicans who participate in Republican politics by being elected to the county executive committee by running and winning their precinct seats have become superfluous, pointless; often used by strong ideologues usually among their own ranks, to push their own agendas.

The Republican party is in disarray, statewide, and nationally.

Here’s what happened: in 2008 this county made a seminal move that year as for the first time in 200 years, we elected a (part) Black man as president. It was either him or a woman and quite honestly, either one would have been good. Either would have broken new ground and opened new frontiers. It would have been illuminating!

What? You don’t believe me. Do you honestly believe this country would have been dumb enough to elect an old soldier whose main stump speech was either “Drill, Baby, Drill,” or “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” with a running mate that saw Russians on her horizon.

John McCain was a victim of that old Republican axiom which holds that every once in a while we have to run someone whose time it is. Mostly, the country as a whole wisely rejects this. And John, realizing the country was tired of war, which he reminded them of, tried a Hail Mary pass and reached (way) down and pulled that ditsy Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Meanwhile, President Obama pulled his own Hail Mary Pass and asked his earlier competitor to be his Secretary of State, (thus keeping her out of the country most of the time.)

In any event, America had the opportunity to show its true democratic colors and treat their first minority president with respect. Other countries would see us putting our votes where our mouths had been for years.

But no, the Republican Party went absolutely, bat **** crazy and decided that even if it hurt the country, this would not stand. They acted awful and hurt their party and their country at the same time. They really showed their true colors which usually consisted of their backsides.

And President Obama, who had grown up largely shielded from racism as he spent most of his formative years in Hawaii and Indonesia than entered the insular academic world. He had no idea the hatred that would be aimed at him and therefore didn’t take advantage of the legislative majority he had during his first two years, focusing instead on health care. That has been his main failing. He thought he could be friends. He thought he could charm them.

Meanwhile, we’ve had the rise of the Tea Party, which started as staunch fiscal conservatives then morphed into social conservatives as well. I don’t believe all those Tea Party members are really evangelicals, but I believe they’ve make a pact with (not the Devil, surely) in order to achieve the power they need to make any change.

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that Tea Party members are a bunch of old people who have already got theirs and don’t want anyone else to get theirs. And the evangelicals are a bunch of ugly, old people who can’t get theirs.

Locally, Rick Miller engineered the takeover of the Republican party from Gary Gillen then found out it wasn’t so much fun. He decided it would be much more fun to go to Austin every other year and make state laws. He didn’t anticipate that several other people would sign up to run, and some of them worked a lot harder than him to get elected (Jacquie Chaumette).

Miller thought that retiring State Rep. Charlie would give him his over half million campaign account and he could romp and stomp and easily coast to victory with that bank account.

Evidentially, Miller did not know Charlie Howard that well. Charlie has been known to take money out of his pocket, look at it on both sides, then put it back in his pocket. And that was a one dollar bill. Howard can keep that campaign money as long as he wants and uses it for political expenses. Why, Charlie can be Republican big dog forever as he doles out his campaign money to other campaigns. He can buy tables at charity galas, bid for auction items, support all those anti-abortion and abstinence organizations he is so fond of.

Meanwhile, Rick Miller had also engineered someone to head the local Republican Party, Sharon Roberts, and he campaigned for her election by the precinct chairs.

Sweet Sharon. She was soft-spoken and self effacing. Nobody had read her blog.

After the election, she, rightly, thought she should lead the party. That silly woman wanted the telephone, web site, and bank account turned over to her.

Miller didn’t want that. He wanted to continue to run the party and run for another office at the same time. Things weren’t going well as Charlie didn’t come through with the money and several other strong candidates signed up to run also.

Within two months, he and his minions had started a whisper campaign against Sharon Roberts. They treated her as bad as the national Republicans treated President President Obama. Why?

Because they could.

So to answer my friends about the Republican Party, do as I did. Get out! They’ve gone completely off the track and are hell bent to make sure that President Obama’s eight years will be totally unproductive. I say eight years because Mitt Romney is one of those “It’s my turn!” Republicans and he can not win. The Republicans have thankfully laid off President Obama for the past few months and have instead bloodied each other.

They’ve given the Democrats enough ample ammunition and campaign sound bites to win any election.

Oh sure, I want Romney to be my next president with his dog strapped to his car, his wife’s two Cadillacs, his off shore bank accounts (Why in the hell didn’t he close them years before when he knew he would be running for president?) Yeah, I can hardly wait to install him as the leader of the free world.

And as a woman, I can hardly continue to belong to a party which wants to defund Planned Parenthood (even though State representative Dr. John Zewas admitted to me that PP delivers health care for the best bang for the buck), force me to have unnecessary medical rape in the form of a vaginal sonogram (and this from a party that claims to believe that the less government the best–what hypocrites!), talk about making birth control illegal, talk about letting your employer ask you about your sex life, punish old people by doing away with Medicare as we know it, and punish the middle class by raising their taxes and lowering the rate of the rich.

Use it or lose it……Gerlands at Sugar Creek is closing on April 27. I know the people who live nearby are just sick, but it is a classic example of bad merchandising. The only people who can get close to Gerlands with ease are the people who live in the 1,200 homes in Sugar Creek. Hardly enough to support a grocery store.

Then, Gerlands has done little to increase their market share in surrounding areas. We’ve approached them about advertising many times as we deliver all around them and could easily deliver their circulars. No dice. They use a large company.

The neighbors are understandably nervous and what type of business will move into Gerlands place. I’m sure the owners will approach other grocery stores first. But with the small commercial base in the neighborhood, the chances that another grocery store will move in there are remote.

Happy Birthday to me…… I had a birthday this week. I’m 71. I never thought I’d be this old.

I still feel 38, my best year, spent floating down the Guadelupe River on an inner tube, smoking, drinking, picking up men bad for me. No wonder I feel all 71 years. But I sure as heck had lots of fun. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe I would have quit smoking a lot earlier.

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  1. themoonfleas

    Happy Birthday Bev!

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