Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 04/18/12

City Manager Alan Bogard is a Skeeter fan.

Baseball was the star…….The major piece of entertainment at the Sugar Land Heritage/Skeeter’s Youth Foundation Gala this past Saturday night was nothing fancy, just Constellation Field itself. That’s the new name for Sugar Land’s minor league baseball field.

And it was fabulous!

For many of us it was our first look at the new field and for many of us who have been around a looooong time, we never dreamed that Sugar Land would have something like this field. What a remarkable addition to the amenities in our city.

Star Digital Studio’s Elsa Maxey is a fan of Skeeter’s pitcher Colton Pitkin.

The field is nothing really fancy. It’s just large, and comfortable, and usable and NEW!

The Saturday night event consisted of picture-taking; cocktail hour; silent auction; live auction; a few speeches; and fireworks.

Attendees had dinner down on the field, a place most of us will never be again, and got to meet the coaches and team members. It was a great night pulled off mostly by Dee Koch and Nancy Olsen. Lyn Halford was the volunteer that helped me get to my seat. I’m sure they had a lot of help, but they were the ones running around and running things Saturday night!

Doug and Susie Goff just like it all!

I don’t know right now exactly how much the stadium cost Sugar Land, but there are certainly worse ways to spend money. I think the stadium will be a great place for future community events and some good baseball.

Is there no end?……I wrote not long ago about how my deceased mother was still getting soliciting letters from Sheriff Milton Wright to support the Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Now my deceased daughter is getting the same sort of stuff from the Texas DPS Troopers Foundation as well.

Both of these associations use telephone solicitors also. They call you and act like if you don’t send money, then you are not supporting law enforcement.

Actually those are outside contractors doing the calling. And I often wonder how much money ends up in law enforcement and how much ends up with the telephone solicitor. Additionally, of the money that ends up with law enforcement, how is it spent and do we ever get an accounting of it?

Speaking of other nasty things in the mail…..You probably have received you tax valuations in the mail from the Central Appraisal District in the past week.

The deadline for protest is May 31 which will come sooner than you think. You can protest online if you can navigate their difficult (for me) web site protest section and get all the numbers and stuff. They try to make it difficult I believe but just know that there are people who protest every year as a matter of form to keep their taxes low. You don’t have to protest on line. You can go over to the CAD and stand in line or get there real early and clog up the place. That will teach ‘em.

While you are looking on line, you can noodle around and find out what your neighbors are paying and if you are paying one cent more than they are per square foot, then protest away.

The web site can be googled at Fort Bend CAD. They have tried to become more user friendly but I think they just don’t know how. Anyway, start trying now.

Sheriff’s chain saw contest…..After sheriff candidate Troy Nehls’ billboard was chain sawed down last week, I’ve decided that we are probably gonna see some bullets fly before this race is over.

First Nehls’ billboard, not little 4 X 6 signs, was chain sawed down. Then someone purporting to be Sheriff Milton Wright got on the internet and on some Facebook page accused Nehls of doing it himself for the publicity.

Well, first I don’t think the sheriff can say “computer” much less use one to post on Facebook and second, I don’t think Nehls would destroy $4-5,000 worth of his own property for publicity.

What nobody is saying is that the sign was located suspiciously convenient to one of the other candidate’s home.

I’m wondering if the two candidates slugging it out are going to open a door wide enough for a couple of the other candidates to sashay through.

But I gotta say just one more time that Craig Brady got a subordinate pregnant, divorced his wife of over 30 years who was the mother of his four children, took up with the jailer he got pregnant, finally married her, and promoted her twice without additional schooling on her part or the taking of any tests or the posting of the jobs to which she was promoted.

What people do in their private lives is their own business until they start using tax dollars to enrich themselves or their family.

Milton Wright should have fired him the minute he discovered that Brady had impregnanted his subordinate.

You remember that when you go to vote on May 29.

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2 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 04/18/12”

  1. The Big Truth

    If Brady is to lose this race, HE and only he is responsible. I had heard of some of these improper relationships but didn’t know the details. He has had one blunder after another in his race. As mentioned on another site (I don’t really hang out there long Bev), whoever is overseeing him is doing a terrible job. His blow up at the debate, his taking down signs before New Years, the accusations about him hacking into phones, the AG issue, the rumors started by some of his close supporters, and then the sign being cut down and people looking his way…the guy is a trainwreck and none of his supporters will help him. Guess having the most signs around Fort Bend County is not necessarily the best way to get votes but that is all he has. 2 years he had time to develop a well thought out strategy and all we see is dirt. Nice job sir. Hope you have a back up plan after the race. But it sure as h*ll has been fun to watch. Trainwrecks are always mesmorizing. Keep up the good work Bev!

  2. themoonfleas

    Craig Brady is as lost as his Department’s crazy looking patch on the uniform! When Wright & Brady took the words Honor- Duty- Integrity off the old patches, we should have realized what this administration is all about. Rumors of Brady and other supervisors allegedly having affairs/sexual realtionships with subordinates is just the tip of the iceberg. As Big Truth said, the Brady regime is a train wreck for sure! He needs to fire his campaign coordinator and then himself, then the County will be a lot better off! Keep on these tyrants, Bev!

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