Fort Bend County sheriff race getting dirty – vandalism in the worst form appears

Dear Editor,

I am writing your newspaper to discuss the recent negative actions by Fort Bend County Sheriff, Milton Wright along with the members of Craig Brady for Sheriff aka “Team Brady.”

Recently, some campaign signs for Craig Brady and Troy Nehls have either turned up missing or have been damaged in different parts of the county. Troy Nehls had a large billboard with his campaign message on it, cut down and destroyed along FM 723. Troy Nehls was stunned to hear of the intentional damage done and went to go see it in person. A photograph was taken of Troy Nehls looking at his vandalized sign lying on the ground. Troy Nehls notified the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office to make a report for criminal mischief. In addition to that, Troy Nehls shared the photograph taken, wrote a message condemning the criminal action and asked for continued support. Troy Nehls’ statement never mentioned any specific names and note, there are two other candidates (Billy Teague and John Minchew) who are also seeking the Republican nomination for Sheriff.

Well, the “Team Brady” people immediately became defensive and started accusing Troy Nehls of destroying his own sign for media attention. The Facebook Social Media site started to light up with negative comments against Troy Nehls. Detective Lieutenant, Becky Colunga, was the main instigator of the commentary against Troy Nehls and added it was convenient someone had a camera on the scene to snap a picture for political gain. I guess our Detective Lieutenant is not as bright as she thinks she is because cell phone cameras are readily available in today’s high tech society. You think that is bad, it gets worse!

Sheriff Milton Wright himself chimed in on the Facebook postings to ask Troy Nehls what kind of saw he used and added it was a good plan if he could get away with it. As an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, I was completely embarrassed by the reckless, improper comments made by Lieutenant Becky Colunga and Sheriff Milton Wright. I lost what respect I had left for Sheriff Wright and this is a microcosm of the types of things that are happening at our department. I want to know if any disciplinary action will be taken against Becky Colunga for violating Sheriff’s Office policies that are in place regarding social media and unbecoming conduct.

Yes, Troy Nehls is a candidate for Sheriff, but he is also a currently elected official (Constable Precinct 4) that deserves respect. It is time to get this Wright-Brady regime out of office and elect someone with a fresh new perspective. We need someone who can effectively lead us and recover our department’s damaged image.

A Concerned Deputy

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3 Comments for “Fort Bend County sheriff race getting dirty – vandalism in the worst form appears”

  1. tiredofit

    Well but,of course…This Lt is married to Internal Affairs Captain Sonny,Colunga, Great,friend of Brady whose Sgt is,married to a Communications supervisor. Geeeez,what kind of a Sheriffs Office allows family members to work aling side each other. This whole department is full of Brady family. They need to allow other people to work who have no interest in each others gossIP. As a former Deputy my self I saw first hand the nastyness amongst these people. I saw BRADY be aluar and a cheater. How can ppl vote for this short little man when all he has done goes against what Republicans and Integrity stand for. This man need needs to step down as Chief Deputy and get out the race!

  2. CaptainHatchAct

    Concerned Deputy:

    I feel your pain having worked here for a long time myself and I too have seen many fine men and women be run off because of the extreme unprofessionalism and favoritism this administration has exhibited. Actually, they run the S.O. like Stalin did in the Soviet Union.

    Talking about history, lets review some local stuff. Captain Colunga is only at the S.O. and is only a Captain because of his (probable) assistance with a (possible) cover-up years ago at a bar in small city in our county involving, who else, “the little chief” and another ranking minion. Don’t take my word for it, do some research on your own and the truth will set you free. By the way, if “the little chief” wins, I would have to play Nostradamus and say Colunga would be his chief deputy … sounds more like a horror story.

    As far as Lieutenant Colunga, who has no more business being a Lieutenant than does Gomer Pyle, someone should do some checking as to why she was promoted instead of many other well-deserving detectives. Sounds to me the only thing she is competent at is being Lt. Facebook, but again, people need to ask these questions and find out about favoritistic promotions.

    History will also remind us of a sheriff that had to sue in order to get to be a Ranger instead of actually earning it … there’s a concept … if you can’t earn it, lets sue (where else have we heard of this?) Let’s not forget about the “little chief” … well, there is SO much history there, we will run out of room here.

    I find it funny that the sheriff and “little chief” chose to replace the old patch we wore on our shirts that said “Duty, Honor, Integrity” with a patch that has a farris wheel and has been dubbed “six flags over Milton” … seeing as how this administration runs like a mobile carnival at a run-down shopping mall and the antics here resemble those of clowns, I now understand why the patch was replaced.

    “Team Brady” is only following the field manual from Hitler’s Mien Khompf and political strong-arm tactics from the 1930’s. They firmly believe that threat and intimidation are the only way to motivate people and have to attack other’s campaign because their own campaign is “smoke and mirrors” … just like the Wizard of Oz, “don’t look behind the curtain”.

    Concerned Deputy: we will get through this and, in the end, Team Brady and his campagin will resemble more the Hindenburg disaster in that he will have spent over $400K and have nothing but shame to show for it. I wonder how much of that money came from convicted felons … again, another research topic.

  3. themoonfleas

    I have a friend that works at the Sheriff’s Department and the stuff my friend tells me is something off of an episode of a soap opera or reality TV show. My friend also said add the names of Rader, Walger and Gage to the mix who are all connected by marriage etc.
    My friend said Brady allowed Captain Scott Soland to assault an employee last fall and get away with it after the employee complained about it. Brady allegedly circumvented the promotional process by last minute rush promotions to certain people in December 2011. Brady and Soland allegedly took people off a current supervisor’s list and replaced them with their cronies. The jail had issues with cronies taking jobs that were not posted per County HR guidelines..when does it stop? Brady and Soland have failed to get the 2011 and 2012 cars that are still sitting out in there parking lot too while the current officers use older, high mileage cars. Oh wait, all the supervisors got there new cars though……I guess things like this will stop when we vote their tails out! Pleas to the citizens of the County, let’s help our men and women in uniform out by voting for anyone but Brady. Troy Nehls or Billy Teague …PLEASE….

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