How low will it go?

Political billboard destroyed by unknown vandals

By LeaAnne Klentzman

Sheriff candidate Troy Nehls, himself a Fort Bend County constable, reported his billboard destroyed to the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department, which has jurisdiction. Cost of the billboard has been estimated at between $4,000 to $5,000.

You always hear truth is stranger than fiction; well, we can’t make this stuff up!

We, here at the “Star“, have discussed the 2012 Fort Bend County Sheriff’s race ad nauseum. However, this latest turn of events surprised even some of the most jaded campaigners. It appears that Milton Wright, the current elected sheriff and the race for his replacement have reached a new, all time, low, even for good ol’e boys of Fort Bend County!

Candidates in all races have been complaining that their signs are disappearing, especially the race for sheriff. It’s sad but true and it’s commonplace every election cycle. Signs disappear, fingers get pointed and candidates are forced to either do without signs or reorder more. Everyone would like to believe that no candidate has the time or lacks the moral fiber to actually go out and take an opponent’s sign.

Although, after last week, taking signs has now been relegated to child’s play; now, somewhere out there, “someone” is wielding a chainsaw and they know how to use it and have no fear of being caught.

Sometime last Thursday night or early Friday morning, “someone” vaulted over a six foot cyclone fence topped with strands of barbed wire along FM 723 to get to a Troy Nehls’ for sheriff billboard. Not only was the billboard itself destroyed, all 5 telephone poles were sawed off at a perfect angle to fall the structure away from the actor, but the vinyl “skin” attached to the structure was also shredded and absconded, leaving only one corner that perfectly matched the saw markings on the sign. The destroyed “skin” displayed the abysmally low crime solve rate that has been such a bone of contention between Nehls and the current sheriff’s administration.

The opposite side of the downed billboard displayed another Nehls message; it too was damaged. As of press time Nehls does not have a total cost for replacement of the billboard but he believes it will be between $4,000 to $5,000 to replace the two skins, the plywood base for the billboard itself, the five telephone posts that were sawed off as well as the remediation of the existing structure and posts for the sign itself. It appears that heavy equipment will be necessary to remove and reinstall the sign.

The landowner and proprietor of the sign, as well as Nehls, have reported the criminal offense to the appropriate policing agency, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

Interestingly, on the evening of this incident, after the reports for investigation were filed, Facebook, the social media site, exploded with comments about the incident. It did not appear that any of the four candidates for sheriff accused each other of foul play; however, their supporters did not display such dignity.

Sadly, a post that appeared to be from Sheriff Milton Wright on Nehls’ Facebook page read, “Milton Wright good move if you can pull it off (sic). What kind of saw did you use Troy? Friday at 10:27pm · Like · 1.” That post displayed the official photo of Sheriff Wright, the man who is the head of the law enforcement agency tasked with investigating the crime. He, by the way, is also the campaign treasurer for his chief deputy, who is one of three opponents against Nehls in the upcoming election.

With more than a month to go until the May 29 election, what will happen next? Stay tuned, it is going to have to be real innovative to top the chainsaw play.

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4 Comments for “How low will it go?”

  1. CaptainHatchAct

    I wonder what our crime solve rate is for chainsaw-related criminal mischief …I wonder if all the convicted felons that have contributed to his campaign are helping in other ways … maybe the public should get a copy of his campaign finance report (assuming the lame-duck sheriff filed it correctly).

    Anyway, the theft of signs and destruction of property are both acts of desperation as “the little chief’s” campaign is starting to show signs of breaking up just like the hull of the Titanic.

    Oh, something else … why is it an Asian employee in the jail is still on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation that, for some unknown reason, is still going on? Could it be the “little chief” may have violated the employee’s 1st amendment rights? I think he is trying to make the employee resign so it would show negatively on his discharge paperwork. More strong-arm tactics from the master.

    It also appears the “little chief’s” twice-promoted wife (once an impregnated subordinate) has been active on Facebook ranting about all kinds of things … I would think a “positive campaign” would have members keeping their mouth shut. But, when you have a sheriff’s office that is run more like the 3rd reich during the 1930’s and 40’s, what do you expect.

    Here’s a hint — when you don’t have a good, positive political platform to run your campaign on, you have to attack other opponents negatively. Brady has no platform and therefore has to attack others in order to get people’s eye away from him. Don’t take my word for it … go watch him in a polticial forum or debate … he will lose his composure before the night is over.

    In the end, good will triumph over evil. Then, the overhaul at the S.O. can begin and free the deputies working here from the oppression they have been enduring for the past 16 years.

    • tiredofit

      You are so right. As a former Deputy myself I saw firsthand the oppression imposed by thisan ans his chain of command it is time for a Total restructure of this Command Staff including newly appointed Sgts along with the old head Sgts that are also oppressing their subordinates, at times calling them “worthless, and replaceable Deputies” hint hint Patterson….

  2. themoonfleas

    I liked the letter to the editior by “A Concerned Deputy” because it was very well balanced by pointing out the bad behaviour of the Brady campaign. I feel very sorry for the men and women who serve and protect us that have to work under hostile conditions. I think it is a distraction to the employees and as stated above, Brady does not have a clue or a platform. Have you seen a Brady campaign function? It’s trashy…monster trucks, ex-hooters girls, beer…for the Office of Sheriff? Really?

  3. tiredofit

    Lol, I guess since his wife is in he 20s he thinks hes in his 20s as well. How can he be elected Sheriff when all thia guy does is outrageous stuff, providing beer and spirits to people who have to drive back home? Seriously? Threatening ppl and trying to sabotage ppl?

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