Fort Bend Deputy speaks out

Dear Fort Bend residents,

My name is Jimmy Du. I have been a deputy with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for the last 4 years. Twelve weeks ago I was suspended for using a county computer to send an email to my friends and co-workers about a sheriff’s candidate debate. A few days later I was suspended without pay and have stayed on suspension, I believe, as a personal vendetta of Chief Brady’s because I wrote a poem expressing my opinion about him.

Many people will tell you that I have crossed the line saying my actions are unbecoming of a police officer, I do not believe that writing a poem or expressing my opinion is either. I stand by my actions and opinion and if that places my career on the line; there is a problem and there is no justice. If I am given a chance to do it over, I will never remain silent when I know that the wrong thing is being done.

I became a cop to do what’s right, not turn the other cheek because somebody is related to this person. At the Sheriff’s Office, if you are not part of the friends and family of the ranking officers, you are nothing.

Right now, it feels like it is me against Chief Brady and his family of favoritism and nepotism. I chose to do something about it and spoke up by writing a poem; although I realize that insulting him and his wife might not have been the best choice, at least I did something instead of standing by and accepting the idea that they are untouchable.

Even today I carry around the poem to remind myself that despite all the shame I have brought to my family and all of my bills that are piling up, I am doing the right thing. I believe if more employees would have the courage, that we can make a difference in the Primary election scheduled for May 29. I understand that after my suspension, many employees are in fear for their jobs. Also remember that people in authority positions are there because we put them there.

There are four candidates running for the Republican nomination. In ballot order they are: Billy Teague, Craig Brady, John Minchew, and Troy Nehls. I am not telling anyone who to vote for. I’m just informing you that through my experience, a boss that would use suspension to silence his own employee, and use him as an example to others who even think about exercising their right to the Free Speech, is not a man that should be given the power of Sheriff.

What started as a poem, has become my mantra about Craig Brady: “Your time is up, my time is now”.

If you would like to contact me or receive a copy of the poem, you can e-mail me at

Jimmy H. Du

Attention: After this open letter to you residents I expect my suspension to end and a termination to follow. That is the kind of petty man Chief Brady is. Remember, according to his campaign slogan, he is the candidate with the experience to KEEP running the Sheriff’s Office.

Please help us stop this tyranny – vote against Brady.

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7 Comments for “Fort Bend Deputy speaks out”

  1. themoonfleas

    Deputy Du,

    First of all, I am very sorry to hear about your ordeal. Even if you had a minor policy violation, it does not warrant 3 months without pay as your punishment. Then again, anything this regime does is highly questionable.

    They have a supervisor in patrol who was dating a subordinate and then falsifying time sheets, so what do they do? Only demote him and no criminal charges to then promote him again 6 months later, LOL What a joke! Oh, and this supervisor is a former brother-n-law to Craig Brady.

    You will probably be terminated, but handle it with class. When the new Sheriff (TROY NEHLS) gets into power, he will more than likely re-instate you because he is a leader and has compassion. Best Wishes to you!!

  2. masterblaster

    I am no longer a resident of FT. Bend County, (I was for 21 years). I am also a Peace Officer, and know too many jobs depend on this election. It is a sad state, that anyone besides a Chief Deputy has to worry about getting let go after an election. I love Milton, he has always been very respectable to me, along with all of the other deputies I have ever met (I have worked alongside them for numerous cases). The only exception is Mr. Brady. Mr. Brady has snubbed me 3 times. Once while I was attending the Academy, he wouldn’t give me the time of day, or even a word of encouragement. Second while working a case, he ridiculed my state of appearance (even though I was going over 32 hrs without sleep because of the case), and a third time while attending a class at FBCSO GGPA, while I was with my Sheriff.
    All I can say is that I am always more than willing to give a person a second chance to prove me wrong about their attitude. 3 Times is too many. Good luck to all opponents of Craig….Oh and if Craig reads this, and wants to apologize he can do so below…I am not hateful, and will gladly accept it.

  3. Wayne

    Hang in there Jimmy! We citizens are trying to help you but it will just take time. Hopefully Nehls will win in the primary election and all this nonsense will be over for you when he takes over. You are also not alone. There are a lot of people at the Sheriff’s Department who are just flying under the radar until this is over. They are fearful of the exact same treatment you are receiving. All I can say to you and the others is vote and bring a friend who can vote.

    I have known Troy Nehls for a long time. I have never been involved in anything political. When I heard Nehls was running for Sheriff I was excited as I know he can turn things around. I know for a fact he will stop the shinanigans going on there at the Sheriff’s Department. He intends to provide a service to the Fort bend citizens. He refers to citizens as customers. He intends to watch over that service like a hawk. At the same time he intends to see each and every deputy is treated 100% equal. He will not allow those in power to do what has been done to you.

  4. christophercolumbus

    God Bless you Officer Du! rally your family and friends to come vote and make a difference- Them boys at the Sheriffs station are evil and making you suffer slowly. Aint leadership I want!

  5. jockstar

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I think you should try to get In touch with all the officers that Bradley has demoted, belittled, and threatened and stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for your jobs. I support Nehls. I love your poem!

  6. David

    As an employer if an employee wrote a derogatory poem about me and my wife and distributed it they would have been fired on the spot. This has nothing to do with Brady being a complete turd or not it has to do with your actions and there are consequences for those actions.

  7. jhd102204

    As a employer in the private sector, yes you can terminate me for voicing my opinion. But, the sheriff’s office is not in the private sector. It is a public entity.

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