Reader responds to Bev’s Burner article of April 11and Bev responds back

Dear Editor,

Without resorting to a similar vitriolic attack of the so called personal opinions/views of Bev’s Burner of the “Star”, I find it reprehensible the article of April 11 claims to be opinion when in fact; it is nothing more than “character assassination, plain and simple.”

Editor’s note: There is nothing about Bev’s Burner that is plain and simple. bkc

Having been a journalist for 30+ years, it is disturbing to me that a newspaper under the guise of opinion is allowed to print such utter disregard for facts. But to no one’s surprise the publisher seemingly finds it her duty to tear down anyone who does not share her views and in most instances plays loose with her information. A journalist she is not, nor does she have the aptitude to be civil enough to properly vent her own opinions.

Editor’s note: Since you are currently a realtor, and I have never read anything you have written, your contention that you have been a journalist for 30+ years is difficult for me to fathom, particularly since you don’t seem to know the difference between “fact” and “opinion” and know that simply because I disagree and write about someone I am hardly tearing them down. bkc

Since Bev’s Burner is agenda driven, she not only damages reputation of good people, but in the process she tears at the very fabric of what makes this country great, civil discourse.

Editor’s note: What makes this country great is a free press. bkc

“Somehow the Republican Party is all bad, Tea Party members made a pack with the Devil, Tea Party members are a bunch of old people who have gotten theirs and evangelicals are a bunch of ugly old people who can’t get theirs.”
Editor’s note: You have that in quote marks, yet that is not what I said exactly. Who’s playing fast and loose? bkc

To publicly shackle anyone with such vile and hateful missives is tantamount to Bev’s Burner own version of class warfare.

Editor’s note: Who’s tearing at the fabric of civil discourse now? Vile and hateful? I can’t even remember what I said. bkc

Furthermore, the blunt of the criticism was directed towards the former Fort Bend County Republican Rick Miller and now candidate for State House District 26. Mr. Miller does not deserve the disrespect so gleefully printed by Bev’s Burner. As a former officer in the Military, an upstanding church member and a forward thinking fiscally principled conservative, he has always served with humility, integrity and honesty. Attributes which are totally foreign in Bev’s Burner personality. And that is my opinion!

Editor’s note: You are entitled to your opinion as am I. I’m not sure all the Republican precinct chairs agree with you about the “humility, integrity and honesty” you attribute to Mr. Miller. At least not the ones I hear from. But we shall see. And I think it is tacky for you to personally disrespect me also. bkc

One last point. If Bev’s Burner endorses any candidate then I will have to assume that the candidate is nothing more than a surrogate who shares the same ideology that is spewed towards those Bev’s Burner tries to destroy. For any candidate to allow such hatred to be published towards another competing candidate and to not stand up and say it should not be tolerated, will never get my vote.

Editor’s note: Just what kind of logic is this? bkc

David Goldberg
Sugar Land, Texas

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