Beating Kesha Rogers

By Steve Brown

What if I told you that a candidate in the Democratic Primary would like to have President Barack Obama impeached? What if I told you that she’s a thirty-something, photogenic, and articulate African American woman? Finally, what if I told you that two years ago she actually won the Democratic nomination for Congressional District 22, and went on to enter the general election by viciously attacking our President? If you are not already aware of this person, then let me introduce you to Kesha Rogers.

Rogers is a member of a political cult led by Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche’s main goal is to elect Members of Congress who will advocate for the colonization of the moon, the impeachment of President Obama, and the restoration of an obscure 1933 banking standard.

Over the years, his cult has joined forces with a number of unseemly and racially divisive organizations, like the Ku Klux Klan.

In fact, LaRouche himself has been known to spew anti-sematic and racist views throughout the years. In newsletters he wrote in 1973 and 1974, he characterizes Black women as “sadistic,” and young Black men as “zombie killers out of control.” LaRouche’s racism isn’t just limited to African Americans. He refers to Asians as “subhuman” and Hispanics as “miserable.”

However, he saves a great deal of his venom to vilify President Barack Obama. In 2009 he compared Pres. Obama to a trained monkey by stating, “And we have a dictatorship in the United States…under a President who doesn’t have much conscience, because he doesn’t have any brains. He’s trained to talk like a trained monkey or something out of a mechanical zoo.”

Rogers has adopted this type of hate speech in her current campaign. In a recent YouTube clip on her website, she suggests that Pres. Obama’s doctor should, “administer some pentothal of sodium” on him. Pentothal is an ingredient commonly used in lethal injections.

I hope and trust that the appropriate federal authorities are keeping a close watch on this cult, as any insinuations about the assassination of our President should be handled with the utmost urgency and seriousness, especially by those who not only wish him harm but hold other dangerous ideas.

As Democrats, we cannot afford for anyone representing LaRouche’s cult to be a nominee on the Democratic ballot. A Rogers’ victory on May 29 is not only a distraction for those of us working hard to re-elect President Obama, but it also hurts our local, qualified candidates who need a surge in straight-ticket voting during the general election. Everyone, from judicial candidates to state representatives, should be concerned about sharing the Democratic slate with Rogers.

Voters in Congressional District 22 have a choice. KP George is running against Rogers on a platform to work with Pres. Obama on improving the economy, keeping our shores safe and providing health care for all. KP is the only Democrat in this race, and he’s ready to serve.

So, why would Rogers choose to align with LaRouche? I can’t say. Perhaps you should ask her if you ever meet her.

But as Texas Democrats, we must develop protocols to ensure that “Democratic” imposters don’t find their way on our ballot. By doing so, we protect the integrity of the Democratic primary while also ensuring that our voters don’t become fooled by candidates that don’t represent their interests.

In the meantime, we can use this election to send a message to any future LaRouche candidate by convincingly defeating Kesha Rogers on May 29, 2012. Our President would appreciate it.

Note: Steve Brown is the Chairman of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party. Connect with Steve on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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