Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 05/09/12

One freaking half million dollars…..I know you are sick of hearing about this, but you always enjoy my stories and have I got a story for you.

That is how much Craig Brady has raised and nearly spent in his quest to be sheriff, a job that pays barely $100,000. The exact amount he has raised is $497,743.47 in monies collected and does not include $185,000 in pledges. The other candidates have found the well dry when they’ve tried to raise campaign money, or else they haven’t tried to raise the money from Brady’s interesting pool of donors (and I’ll tell you a little about them later).

Billy Frank Teague loaned himself $2,000 to run and Troy Nehls has raised about $93,000, while John Minchew has raised $10,000.

What are the stakes…..In January, 2009, Pct. 3 Andy Meyers had his annual breakfast where he traditionally puts the touch on Fort Bend County developers. Interestingly, at this breakfast, Andy or Sheriff Milton Wright, (I wasn’t there because I didn’t want to scrub nasty off my body for the next two weeks, so the story is a little unclear about exactly who made the announcement) announced that Sheriff Milton Wright was serving his last term and Deputy Craig Brady would be running for sheriff. The announcement was odd because the sheriff had just begun his next four year term at the beginning of the month and one usually doesn’t announce their retirement so early (lame duck and all) and one doesn’t usually start a campaign so early.

A lot of people say that Craig Brady had to start his campaign that early in order to get any votes at all.

In any event, later that very same afternoon (one has to ask how obvious can you be or how stupid) the sheriff and his deputy called an emergency meeting of the enforcement employees of the sheriff’s department. That includes the patrol deputies and the investigators.

At that special meeting, the sheriff announced an “anonymous” donor had given the sheriff’s department $220,000 for enforcement personnel, enough money to give each patrolman and each detective $1,000.

Questions were immediately raised about how “anonymous” the donation had been? Had the taxes been paid or would the law enforcement personnel have to pay taxes on their $1,000? Was it legal to give money to law enforcement or even to county employees?

County Attorney Roy Cordes said yes.

I wrote at the time that each deputy would end up giving that $1,000 back to Craig Brady’s campaign.

Recently a deputy was griping (deputies and school teachers are the most voracious gripers in the world. I know this because I was a school teacher and it fully trained me for my job now–professional griper).

Back to my story–the deputy was griping that Craig Brady bust into the deputies’ room and demanded that they support him with contributions and attendance to his fund raisers.

“See, I told you,” I said to the deputy who hit his head with his hand after he mentally added up what he had been forced to contribute over the years–over $200 per year, adding up to about $1,000.

Yep, they gave it back.

At the time of the “anonymous donation” we figured it was probably John Hamilton who “gave” the money as he was the convicted felon who made sure his daughter got an easy ride when she was incarcerated in the Fort Bend County Jail. We wrote about it at the time. About how she was allowed to wear Victoria’s Secret underwear, meet with her parents in person, and generally act like one of the employees instead of a prisoner. Finally, a judge forced the sheriff to send her back to prison as she had broken her parole and Craig and his soon-to-be wife personally drove her to prison.

Hamilton, at the time, was paying deputies to “protect” his home in Weston Lakes, a gated community. The “protection” was arranged by the then-current Texas Ranger assigned to Fort Bend County, Jeff Cook. This is a situation frowned on by the Rangers and when they found out, Mr. Cook retired.

Eventually, it was proven that Mr. Hamilton and his VP, Jim Fields, actually needed protection when Fields’ wife Martha was brutally murdered during the day in Weston Lakes by being tied to a refrigerator and stabbed numerous times. It eventually came out that she was murdered by Mr. Fields’ ex-employee who has since disappeared. He’s either in Yemen, his home country, or he’s wearing concrete boots somewhere.

Who’s trying to buy a sheriff…..So I asked my ace crime reporter, LeaAnne Klentzman, who Brady has tried to get me to fire, even going so far as to get his son to sue me, to try to find out who in the heck is giving Craig Brady so much money and what do they want.

His deputies’ contributions would only account for the original $220,000 of the “anonymous gift.” By the way, I heard the deputies deposited their $1,000 before the sun set, making it difficult to claw back.

So Klentzman copied all his campaign finance reports and we fixed it so you can look at them online at this link.

She also checked the background of some of his contributors and in her story elsewhere in this paper, she linked them to their previous brush with the law.

After all, who wants a sheriff bought and paid for by the very people who have been in and out of the justice system?

Please be aware……Kesha Rogers is a young, articulate Black women who is running for congress in District 22 as a Democrat. She is actually a LaRouche candidate who wants to impeach President Obama. The fact that she can join the LaRouche party, which is famously anti-Black, anti-Semitic, anti-Asians, anti-everything, a completely racist party, shows she does not need our support.

Last time, the Democrats in Fort Bend embarrassingly elected her. I think they were unaware of her true stripes.

Please remember the name and vote for anyone but.

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8 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 05/09/12”

  1. jockstar

    Write on Bev! I love you!

  2. Wayne

    Way to go Bev! I was a little upset when I finished the last article you wrote. Upset because I didn’t think you could possibly expose anymore about the Chief Deputy. If week after week of exposure is not enough to convince Fort Bend citizens, then I just give up. We simply can not allow this cronyism to continue. We can not afford it. I have said it before and will continue to say, this is absolutely the most important election in Fort Bend County history. It is our responsibility to vote this man out, it is that simple.

    It is our responsibility to choose who leads the Sheriff’s Department. Vote and let the deputies know they do not have to live and work in fear of cronyism. Let them know we will pick a leader who will be fair to all employess no matter their color or creed. Let them know they don’t have to be married to a Brady to exceed in their careers. Vote and tell them they can work hard and achieve a promotion without personal favors to those in power.

    Thank you Bev for blazing through the mounds of shinanigans. Please keep up the great work. I am anxious to see what you have for us next week.

  3. christophercolumbus

    Thank You Fort Bend Star for uncovering this information for the voting public to see and hopefully grasp!

    Chief Deputy Brady is NOT electable. It makes me wonder what his TRUE motives are to “buy” this elected office. If you have criminals helping him finance his operation, it kind of makes you wonder about Brady.

    I think you found the ANSWER to the low solvability rate to crimes that Troy Nehls speaks of during his campaign….Crooks pay Brady, Brady tells his cronies in Detective Land to look the other way or play dumb. Hmmm….just saying.

  4. cinnybeans

    I think we should elect Teague. He is the only one running that doesn’t owe anyone anything and he has a long career in law enforcement.

  5. cinnybeans

    I think I would like to vote for Kesha Rogers. Anyone that wants to impeach Obama is a great candidate

  6. The Big Truth

    You know cinnybeans, I too like Teague. I think he is a good man….unlike what we currently have in office. I may be old fashioned but Billy’s good ol’ boy talk hits home with me. The only issue I have with Billy is that he is past his prime and I feel that the county needs youth and someone that can lead us for the forseeable future. It is going to take a LONG LONG time to clean up the corruption and the dispicable actions of Wright and Brady. It sickens me to think what has gone on by these two that no one knows about.

    That being said, I want to reiterate, I think Billy is a great guy. I just wish he had won during his last run at sheriff. I think it is too late now. Nehls has my vote and I hope he does all that he says he will. We need him…desperately.


    • Wayne

      TBT again that is a fine response. I talked to Billy Frank tonight. He is a very nice man and if Troy Nehls was not running, my wife and I would vote for him as well. I believe if we can get Troy to the Sheriff’s seat we will be set for several terms, giving him time to straighten out the mess.

      My wife and I were talking about the race on the way home from the Nehls for Sheriff party. If for some reason we had to vote for Shady Brady or vote democrat, we will jump our lifetime of Republican beliefs and vote Democrat. I kind of expected lightning to come through the roof and nail me for saying that, but I swear I will vote Democrat before Shady Brady gets to continue running this county into the ground.

  7. christophercolumbus

    Mr Teague and Minchews need to rally together and publicly announce endorsment for Troy E Nehls for Republican Nominee for Fort Bend County Sheriff. They gave it a whirl and comin up short! abc

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