Beating Barack Obama: A rebuttal to Steve Brown’s editorial opinion

By Kesha Rogers

Fort Bend County Democratic Party Chair Steve Brown recently penned a lying, hate-filled editorial against me, in a transparent attempt to avoid debating real policies, by engaging in petty character assassination. Let’s be honest, these attacks are coming from the top, from Obama, because I represent the only credible alternative to what he represents.

What Brown writes off as my “obscure 1933 banking standard” policy, is nothing less than the Glass-Steagall Act of President Franklin Roosevelt, the law which made it illegal to bail out Wall Street speculators with other peoples’ money. The speculative bubble that blew out in 2008 never could have even formed, if Glass-Steagall hadn’t been repealed, and major national labor organizations (AFL-CIO, machinists, teachers, and farmers), numerous Democratic Party organizations (including the Harris County Democratic Party), and 59 members of Congress have endorsed reinstating this “obscure” law. President Obama, however, opposes Glass-Steagall, because he is a puppet of international finance. Thus, the world is experiencing a hyperinflationary financial meltdown, while crooks on Wall Street and the City of London are being given trillions, instead of jail sentences.

The Democratic Party of Obama has written off colonizing the Moon and Mars. Had President John Kennedy’s legacy not been abandoned, the United States would already have landed a woman on Mars by 1984. Doing so would have employed millions of people in science, technology, engineering and math. We would have developed fusion energy, and a myriad of other fundamental breakthroughs, and every aspect of society would be upgraded by the spin off technologies. Instead, today, our next door neighbors are being laid off in the tens of thousands, and decades of skilled labor and scientific insight is being lost, because Obama has left us without a national mission in space exploration. Additionally, Obama’s defunding of crucial weather satellites, is threatening to leave us in the dark about even simple long-term weather forecasting. By 2020, Galveston might be as vulnerable to hurricanes as it was in 1900.

What then, if he rejects the outlook of the two greatest Democratic presidents in American history, is the tradition of Obama?

Since 9/11, an internationally financed coup d’êtat of executive power has been run against our Constitution. Obama promised to reverse this, but has instead accelerated it. He extended the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and secret prisons. Obama declared himself above Congress, in his authority to declare and conduct war, as in the bloody regime change of Libya. He demanded the NDAA include authority to indefinitely imprison U.S. citizens without trial. He’s declared the authority to assassinate U.S. citizens with drones, based on secret evidence, without due process. He chairs an unelected “SuperCongress”, mandated to cut the budget without the consent of the regular Congress. His healthcare legislation uses “cost-effectiveness” methods to ration care deemed “too expensive” by an unelected board, and when the Supreme Court questioned its Constitutionality, he attacked them as unelected activists. This is the president that Steve Brown, and my opponent KP George, is defending when they attack me.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then let me adapt a popular saying: “If the mustache fits, wear it.” I have placed the Hitler mustache on Obama, but he earned it by his actions. Impeach him now, or by November, we may already have had thermonuclear world war rain its terrible hell down upon our heads.

I stand with World War II veteran Lyndon LaRouche, as a Democrat, and loyal patriot, proudly in the tradition of Roosevelt and Kennedy, in opposition to Obama. I am calling on you, my fellow patriots, to join with me, as I organize everywhere in the last two weeks before the May 29th primary.

Kesha Rogers is a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination to U.S. Congress in the 22nd congressional district of Texas.

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