By B.K. Bev Carter, Publisher

District Judge
For: Brenda Mullinix

Brenda Mullinix is running for District Judge in the 387th District Court. In Fort Bend, this judicial district was designated as a family court, hearing divorces, child custody, property settlement, adoptions, etc. Mullinix is uniquely qualified for this as she is board certified in family law, a designation that is hard to come by and requires extra legal training. There are few in Fort Bend with this designation. There are even few in Texas.

Mullinix has, for the past 7, almost 8 years, been the associate judge to retiring judge Robert Kern in the 387th. In other words, she has been practically doing the job anyway, or at least half of it.

In my 30 years of covering Fort Bend County, I have never heard a bad word against Brenda Mullinix or Judge Robert Kern for that matter.

I believe that her work as the associate judge for that court entitles us to call her Judge Mullinix anyway. Please make sure this is permanent for the next four years by voting for her in the Republican primary on May 29.

State Legislature, Dist. 26
FOR: Jacquie Chaumette

I’m also going to ask you to vote for Jacquie Chaumette. I know Chaumette will be as surprised as I am about my asking you to vote for her as I yanked her sign out of my yard and ran over it a few times. My son rescued the sign and passed it on to Patti Kaminski who asked why there were tire marks on her sign.

Here’s why:

I called Chaumette who was out block walking at the time. I asked her that when she got elected and was in Austin and someone, maybe a Democrat, offered a bill to rescind the trans vaginal sonogram law (that’s the one that says anyone who gets an abortion has to listen to the baby’s heartbeat before she gets an abortion and the only way you can hear a heartbeat in early pregnancy is to use a probe up a lady’s vagina) would she vote for it.

She thought about it for a while then called me back and said no she would not repeal it.

I told her it was deal breaker, medical rape and a lot of other things. This occurred by email so there wasn’t a bunch of hanging up on each other.

But it caused me to rip up her sign and throw it in the back yard. It happened to land in the driveway and I happened to run over it a few times.

Then I called Sonal Bhuchar and she told me the same thing, and I figured Rick Miller and Diane Miller were sure to say the same thing. So at least until the November election, I’m supporting Jacquie Chaumette. For one thing, I’ve finally learned to spell her name, but mainly because she is the hardest working candidate I’ve ever seen. She has also been an excellent Sugar Land city council member and worked hard there. Plus Chaumette has the background to make a great legislator, what with her degree and all.


In case you don’t do a lot of texting, that stands for “Anybody But Craig,” and it means any of the three other people running who aren’t Craig Brady. There have been many stories in this newspaper in the past 6 years about Craig Brady which point out why he shouldn’t be sheriff. He has spent 1/2 million dollars trying to be sheriff so far, and it is money down a rat hole as far as I’m concerned.

There are three other people in the race: John Minchew, Troy Nehls, and Billy Frank Teague–any one of whom would make a far, far better sheriff than Kenneth Craig Brady.

This week on the online internet edition of this newspaper we are running an online poll like we usually do. However, this week we have the sheriff candidates listed and ask for you to vote your choice. You can find it as www.fortbendstar.com.

Short URL: http://www.fortbendstar.com/?p=19636

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7 Comments for “Editorial”

  1. sugarlandskeeter

    RE: Judge Mullinix. Im surprised she had an opponent in the primary, but then look at who was running against her, the former assistant DA who was unceremoniously fired for the Fulshear Mayor case fiasco. I suspect he ONLY ran to see if he had any chance at all at running for anything. He picked the wrong race, however. It backfired.

    RE: District 26. Perhaps Jacquie meant that she would not vote for a democratically originated bill. I suspect Rick would say that same thing. Having said that, a woman’s own biological functions should NEVER be a subject of legislation. It is a moral issue. BUT, what self respecting Republican would grow a backbone and admit that they are not pro life (or not pro gun)? That’s the problem with most Republicans. They are lemmings and fear standing out/standing up for reason. What we need are smart moderates in office. Not democrats, not republicans.

    Furthermore, there are other good reasons to run over Jacquie’s sign. She has figuratively run over the opinions of her friends, ignored advice from her elder peers and disrespected many who were very close to her. Michael Schiff, her treasurer of record for one (who never gave her permission to name him as treasurer), does NOT have a Jacquie sign in his yard. Jacquie COULD have done this right and won big, but somewhere in the race, she turned her back on her biggest supporters because they had differing opinions that she refused to heed. This is NOT indicative of a REPRESENTATIVE! I’ve told Rick to his face I wouldn’t support him in the past for various reasons, but at least he still talks to me and respects my opinions.

    RE: Sherriff. I’m voting for Billy Frank Teague for primarily 1 reason: He has been around almost as long as Milton and has seen the corruption and has done a good job biting his tongue but I guarantee you, if he is elected, things WILL BE DONE BY THE BOOK. There is no more straight laced officer of the law that Billy Frank. He would give his own momma a ticket if he caught her speeding. Sorry Billy, but you know what I mean. 😉 After years of corruption and nepotism in the sheriff’s office, we need “martial law” to get us back on track.

  2. Randall Floyd

    “Medical rape”? Give us a break. Cue the sad violin music for the women who want to kill their own babies because they weren’t responsible enough to use protection and/or the baby would inconvenience them. Cry us a river you have to actually hear your own child’s heartbeat before killing it.

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