Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 05/16/12

I know, I know…….You are tired of hearing about this and want me to move on. But the stories continue to be so egregious I just can’t help myself.

Sheriff’s candidate Craig Brady has been a no-show in Fort Bend since our story came out last week about all his ties to his donors, many of whom have checkered pasts and many of whom have run afoul of the law themselves.

One of our insider sources said about the candidate and his buddies: “The type of torture they have planned for you gals (speaking of me and LeaAnne Klentzman) is against the Geneva Convention.”

Lately, Brady doesnt appear at any of the candidate forums. I guess he can’t control his anger and knows it.

The Sheriff, acting as Craig Brady’s spokesman at Rosenberg’s VFW forum after Brady went underground, probably did the campaign much more harm than good. He said (to Troy Nehls, another candidate and some consider the front-runner), “You should have been a fertilizer salesman because you are spreading so much product.” Then the high sheriff of Fort Bend County shot his finger guns at Mr. Nehls. I heard the VFW booed him. I don’t know if that is true because I can’t believe the VFW would boo; however, they might have a collective intake of breath.

Nehls has based his campaign on the figures that show the Sheriff’s department has a much lower crime solve rate than they turn into the FBI. After the department threw a fit at Nehl’s numbers, Brady, who is in charge of the figures, admitted that a “glitch” in reporting the numbers was responsible for the incorrect statistics being reported.

In other words, Mr. Nehls was right after all, and Mr. Brady had egg on his face. Or maybe some of the “product” the sheriff accused Nehls of spreading.

During the campaign, Craig Brady has caused false charges to be lodged against Troy Nehls and wasted taxpayer money and manpower to try to thwart Nehls.

One of Brady’s main contributors, Ronald Bartee, who we revealed last week has a criminal record, had his company give Nehls a check. Someone in Nehls’ campaign deposited the check in his campaign account. When Nehls eventually discovered the check came from a company (a legal no-no in Texas), he immediately gave the money back.

But Craig Brady, who had taken $30,000 from the same source and at whose business he and Team Brady meet frequently to dis us and plan our torture, lodged a formal complaint to the Attorney General. After a nine month “investigation” by retired Texas Ranger and part-time AG investigator David Maxwell, who is long-time friends with former Texas Ranger and current Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright,  Nehls was brought before a grand jury which quickly no-billed him (“no-bill” means no crime has been committed). Brady went all over the county for months saying that Nehls would be indicted. This is an example of how he has used law enforcement or the judicial system many times to further his personal agenda or political aspirations.

This whole thing was a waste of taxpayer money and grand jury time and another black eye on the Texas Rangers.

Additionally, Brady has raised a half million dollars in his campaign account, much of it from people that have questionable ties to Brady and brushes with the law before.

There’s not a police agency in Fort Bend that is supporting Craig Brady. Although most agencies do no publicly support political candidates, privately they have let their opinions be known.

Brady has bullied more people in the Sheriff’s department into giving him money and attending his fund-raisers. But when they get into the voting booth, they can vote for whom they please. And the bullying doesn’t work on other police agencies as he holds no jobs over their heads like he does in his own sheriff’s department. Shame on Milton Wright for letting him get away with this. One has to wonder what Brady has on Wright to have let him do they things he has done over the years.

Of course, I found out soon after Milton took office that he was a silly man.

We have been criticized for calling them the “Brady Bunch.” The following is a list of the Brady relatives and in-laws who work at the sheriff’s department along with some other families who are also there. This is what we mean about cronyism or as we sometimes call it, the Brady Full Employment Act.

Bradys that have worked there since Milton was elected:

Craig Brady
wife  Vanessa Brady
wife’s brother – Lucio (?)
brother Brad Brady more than once
son Cullen Brady–3 times
son Wade Brady
nephew Jeremy Brady–2 times
nephew’s wife Mysti Brady
cousin Steven Hausler

former Brother-in-law Lowell Gage
Lowell’s former wife- Jeannie Gage (PIO)
Lowell’s current baby momma- (Patrol) Jennifer Stevenson, who injured herself dumpster diving for a Brady sign which some smart person threw away. Wonder if she filed for workman’s comp?
Dan Gage
Brooks Gage

Colunga family:
Sonny, Becky, and (son) Cragian

Leach family:
Jimmy Leach,
daughter Kim Leach,
Brain Leach now at Rosenberg,
and Darlene Pyka

Rader family:
Lt. Sam Rader
Sgt. Kathy Rader
Sgt. Reid Rader
Angel Rader

There are also other untold numbers of husband and wife teams or parent/child teams.

There are three other excellent candidates running against Craig Brady. I’m having a hard time making up my mind as each would make great a sheriff.

Troy Nehls is currently a constable and has experience managing a large law enforcement department and as a major in the Army, where he manages many more men.

Billy Frank Teague is honest as the day is long and after retiring from the DPS, went to work for the Richmond P.D. where he gained experience in management also.

John Minchew is a former police chief and is a businessman who has had a lot of experience in not only managing employees, but a budget as well.

There’s no doubt that Troy Nehls has mounted the best campaign of the three and in a short time. He has much more political experience than the others which is a double edged sword, good on the one hand and not so good on the other.

For the first time, I’ll probably make up my mind in the voting booth.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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10 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 05/16/12”

  1. jockstar

    Bev Carter! You rock, tell it like it is sister!
    I’m ready for another party!

  2. tray119

    You’re going to jump ship and vote in a Republican primary??

    • FortBendStar

      I’ve voted in every Republican primary for the past 30 years. What do you mean “jump ship.” I am an independent. I vote in the Republican primary because that is where the action is. Then in the general election, I, like most people who are not ideologues, vote on both sides of the ballot for the people I think will do the best job.
      May I remind you that I served two terms as a Republican precinct chair. ~ Bev

  3. Wayne

    Incredible piece of work Bev! I guess I kind of hinted around last week that you couldn’t possibly find more on Shady Brady. I am at a loss here, I don’t know how to type the picture of my jaw hitting the floor. Dare I ask what next? Should we beg for more reminders of cronyism, brow beating, dirty dealings and shenanigans. You damn right! Let them have it Bev Cater, let them have it with both barrels.

    I too worry about retaliation. I have been extremely active in the Nehls campaign, I have also written and spoken out against Shady Brady, a lot. I too feel it is quite possible to be retaliated against. Apparently it won’t stop you and it dern sure will not stop me. Democracy is at stake here. After being at the voter stations holding a sign for Nehls I can tell you the county is responding. The citizens are hearing and getting to the booth. I can’t tell you how many honks, thumbs up and people stopping in the road to talk about how excited they were to vote for Nehls. Once again Bev, you set the ball up and we will spike it over the net. Wonderful Article!!!

  4. tray119

    I had the wrong impression. My mistake, Bev.

  5. chuck

    Bev, you and leanne sure do a great job of getting the truth out there. Leanne’s latest story sheds some light on why a local PD POA was warned against getting involved in publicly supporting candidates by their Chief. Keep up the good work.

  6. Rut Row

    I wonder if Teague will take votes away from Brady or would it be Nehls?

  7. jockstar

    Could someone tell me what the CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN REVIEW is?
    You must check it out? This could be the first mistake Jacquline chaumette has made in her political career. I just hate that, she is top notch in my book and had my vote. I actually voted for her. But now my friends will be voting for Sonal. How sad to try and put the public together with this is the, “official conservative republican sample ballott.” do you people have a clue what a ridiculous thing this was to do! I am on the phone now calling every friend I have , not to vote for my friend Jacquie. If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. So start scratching my friend cause you are gonna do some serious itching!
    Where was the PRESIDENT CANDIDATES you only do important races like JP.

    • FortBendStar

      I have no idea what the Conservative Republican Review is and neither does Jacquie Chaumette. No one has ever seen it. I have my suspicions. As far as presidential candidates, I sorry, I can’t support any one of them except maybe Mitt Romney and then only because I liked his father! – Bev

  8. christophercolumbus

    Keep the accurate reporting goin! The Brady Bunch is gettin nervous I think because they are launching other web pages on FaceBook site imitating your newspaper and digging up “old dirt” on Troy Nehls’ family members. Funny thing is Troy Nehls is runnin for office here in good ole Texas…what does his family members in another state (one is dead) have to do with anything here? I sense desperation to there organized crime ops at the Sheriff’s Department. So much for positive campaignin, huh?!

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