Last week in “Sesame Street lesson lost,” we reported that Jimmy Du was called to meet with the chief deputy Craig Brady regarding his suspension.  That was incorrect.  In February, shortly after his suspension, Du, of his own volition, went to meet with Brady and apologized.  Brady said he accepted Du’s apology but that the incident was out of his control; Internal Affairs Captain Sonny Colunga and Detective Robert Williams were investigating him for violation of Election Code 255 because he sent an email to coworkers about a Sheriff’s candidate debate from a county computer.

Then again in March, Du met with Brady. During the March meeting, Du asked for his job back.  According to the documents provided by Du, Brady told him that Internal Affairs was complete, but they were waiting on the District Attorney’s Office. In April Du received a letter from the County Clerk that stated no charges had been filed against him.

As of today, based on county records and the District Attorney’s Office there are no charges pending against Du, nor has any such case ever been submitted to that office. Violation of election code 225 deals with political advertising. However, Du is still suspended.

So if any reader thought that Chief Deputy Craig Brady made any attempt to contact Jimmy Du that would not be would not be correct.

All contact and apologies were initiated by Du in an attempt to get his job back.

Du has filed a grievance with the Civil Service Commission and is awaiting their response.

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2 Comments for “CORRECTION”

  1. CaptainHatchAct

    Let us not forget our history, for this has happened in the past just like it is happening with “the little chief” … Caligula (Roman emperor from the year 12-41 AD) was a tyrant involved in cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity, similar to “the little chief” and was ultimately executed for his wrong-doings, just like “the little chief” will lose this election and lose his job. Lesson Learned: you can not treat people poorly, be oppressive, and exhibit the unethical management practices this administration has done for 16 years.

    There is no doubt in my mind this Asian deputy should not only be reinstated, but also be given backpay for this ridiculous “internal affairs investigation” … maybe if we had a competent, unbiased leader in IAD, they would have figured out that section of the Election Code has nothing to do with what that deputy did. … However, Captain MustangLoungeCoverUp should launch a investigation on his wife, Lieutenant Facebook, for policy violations and conduct unbecoming an officer.

    This kind of **** needs to stop. How much longer can we as a law enforcement agency really turn a blind eye on the wrong-doings occuring here?

  2. jhd102204

    I’ll take 100k and we’ll call it even…lol. Detective Williams objective in this was to investigate if I was spoofing the e-mail. I doubt he has anything to do with the investigation into the election code. I think that part is thought up by Captain and the Chief.

    Jimmy Du

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