Primary election results

In Fort Bend County, most Democrats run unopposed in the primaries, with the contested races in the primary being on the Republican Party side of the ticket.
This year the local Republican contested races included a county commissioner, all the state representative races, a state district judge, the sheriff, and two constables.
Voting at press time with 100% of the vote in was as follows:


U.S. Representative,Dist. 22
Pete Olson    76.46%
Barbara J.Carlson    23.54%

State Rep., District 85
Phil Stephenson    44.23%
Lee Duggan     55.77%

State Rep, District 26
Diana Miller     11.55%
Sonal Bhuchar    20.72%
Rick Miller    40.84%
JacquieChaumette    26.89%

Judge, 387th Judicial District
Brenda Mullinix    60.56%
Michael W. Elliott    39.44%

Billy Frank Teague    7.02%
Kenneth Craig Brady    34.48%
John Minchew     3.70%
Troy E. Nehls    54.80%

Constable, Precinct No. 4
Don McCall    35.74%
Trever Nehls    64.26%

Commissioner, Pct.  No. 1
Tom Aitchison    33.99%
Bruce Fleming    39.02%
Manuel E.  Reyes    26.98%

Justice of the Peace, Pct.1,Pl.1
Gary Janssen     71.39%
Gregory Thompson    28.61%

Constable, Precinct No. 1
Daryl Segura    40.69%
A. J. Dorr    59.31%

The Democrats didn’t have as many contested races in the primary but did have two closely watched races:

Constable, Precinct No. 2
Ruben Davis    55.17%
Daryl L. Smith    44.83%

U. S. Representative, Dist.22
Keisha Rogers    44.19%
K.P. George    55.81%

The voting this year was suppressed because the state redistricting question wasn’t settled and the primary was delayed from its usual March date until late May,  putting it right after local school and city elections.

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2 Comments for “Primary election results”

  1. amazed

    I am embarrassed to be a resident of Ft Bend County. The rival between Brady and Nehls has gotten out of control. To pin point people who work at the Sheriff’s office and bash them. Lt Facebook and Capt Zoosk as they have been nicknamed have worked for the county for many years and have worked their way up from where they started. Lt Facebook started in Dispatch and Capt Zoosk was a deputy-working many long hours away from his family. Both are VERY dedicated to their jobs and NO I DO NOT work at the Sheriff’s office. Now both are worried about their jobs or being demoted after years of hard work just because a new sheriff was elected. I’m sure there are corrupt employees at the Sheriff’s office and even at the Pct 4 Constables office , just like any place. People need to look at themselves before they start pointing fingers and judging. We will see how Nehls handles his new position of power. Hopefully with good judgement and integrity and not just wanting to get rid of all Team Brady participants. Nehls would only be lucky to have them as employees.

    • FortBendStar

      *Editor’s Note: Unlike their predecessors, Lt. Facebook and Captain Zoosk (as you call them) are somewhat protected by Civil Service. That being said, all the folks involved in the Sheriff’s race and their supporters are adults thus they are responsible for their behavior, no matter the end result. It is interesting to us at the Star why are they so worried? Are they not doing their job? Have they not preformed with honor and dignity? Have they forgotten their oppressive behavior toward those around them with less rank? How about the pressure and stress they have imposed on others?

      The loss of this election for Lt Facebook and Captain Zoosk (as you call them) is a life lesson. Hopefully they will see it as a learning experience and an opportunity to foster better relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, other agencies and most importantly, the citizens of Fort Bend County. There is so much more that could be said but it suffices to say, they need to either grow up and face their new boss or go find another job if they lack the courage to look him in the eye. But save us all from the whining – they made their bed…those fleas belong to them.

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