In response to Brady nailed by Nehls

For months, I have been comparing “the little chief’s” campaign to many disasters throughout history and my prediction was correct — he failed. Recent events and comments here at the S.O. indicate “the little chief” said he didn’t get the support he needed internally and he was too busy running the Office. What a bunch of garbage … This is standard procedure for him: blaming others for his shortcomings.

He failed because of his management, attitude, questionable ethics, oppression, favortism, and arrogance. On the day after the election, it seemed there was a sense of freedom in the halls of the Office, just as if William Wallace himself had won on the battlefields of Scotland against tyranny. Change is coming to the Office and I know there are many who are calmly waiting until January 1.

This was a win for the taxpayers of the county as well because fiscal mismanagement will finally come to an end. Wasteful spending, outragous overtime caused by improper personnel management, and dormant equipment will be eliminated. Now, if we could only get rid of all those unneeded and undeserved promotions around the end of 2011 and before civil service, we would be in good shape.

Let’s ask the motorcycle unit deputies how they feel about the election and recent changes to operations. Could this be only the beginning of retailiation by “the little chief” for losing …? I’m sure there will be many things to discuss over the next 7 months.

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  1. Twactorman

    I have to really laugh at the outcome of this election. Some politicians never learn. I hope someone has taken down Milton Wright’s last sign of defiance that has been standing in front of the jail while every other politician stopped putting/leaving their names on publicly paid for signs. I have noticed there are not near as many signs being put up since we don’t do this in Fort Bend. The only one I have seen recently is out on Texas Parkway. Ruben Davis is showing his ego and lack of concern for tax payer dollars buy having signage manufactured and installed in the public right of way at public expense. Sorry servants, every dollar counts today.

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