Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 07/04/12

Local Politics, Part 2

Who is Rick Miller?…..I was researching when State Rep. candidate Rick Miller moved to Fort Bend County. My previous research revealed to me that he had only lived in Fort Bend for 12 years, and I remember when I was a practicing Republican that he just suddenly appeared on the scene.

I searched for him on the county’s election site to find his voter registration, and I couldn’t find it.

What? Rick Miller isn’t registered to vote? That couldn’t be true as he was running for local office.

Then someone finally told me to look him up under his REAL name–”Dana Fontaine Miller.”

I was shocked and surprised. We have someone running for office who doesn’t even use his real name? What else could he be fudging?

Miller told me his mother named him after two movie stars and his father called him “Rick” from the beginning. He offered no reason why he had never formalized “Rick.”

In a flyer to voters, Miller (both Rick and Dana) boasted “When I became Chairman in November 2007, the Party had about $83,000 in financial assets. When I left in August 2011, the financial assets totaled over $139,000, a 67% increase. It seems that he is fudging those facts also. An unnamed friend of mine reminded me to look at the Texas Ethics Commission filings for those years and here is what I discovered.

In January of 2008, (which includes one month after Rick took office) it shows the assets at $ 97,612.43. In January of 2011, it shows the assets at $ 110,156.17. That is NOT a 67% increase. Either Miller is lying in his email OR he’s lying to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Now is the time for me to admit that the local Republican Party isn’t broke. I had heard that and didn’t check because quite frankly (and it’s hard for me to admit this) I had forgotten about being able to check with the Texas Ethics Commission about financial filings.

When I confronted Miller with the TEC reports, his answer was that they were a snapshot at filing time and didn’t truly represent the bank account when he started and when he quit.

Another example of Miller shading the truth was in an ad he ran in my own newspaper. He started his ad by stating, “Winning the District 26 Texas State Representative primary election by 2,000 votes….”

When Miller said this he was being disingenuous at best. He didn’t exactly WIN the primary, although he was the major vote-getter. He got in the runoff, a fact he didn’t mention until way down at the bottom of the ad.

Miller out-polled Jacquie Chaumette by 2,000 votes by a combination of votes from the home schoolers, (I heard that Miller supposedly claims to have home-schooled a child. When I reached him with that question, he denied saying that but that his son (who lives in another state) home-schools his children), long-time and loyal Charlie Howard supporters, and Sugar Creek Baptist Church members.

And then the biggest cut of all…Sonal Bhuchard, who ticked a whole lot of Fort Bend ISD people off in her constant and unremitting support of FBISD superintendent Dr. Jenny has thrown her support to Miller. Sonal is a minority female. It would seem her logical choice would be Jackie Chaumette, another minority female. But no, Sonal has again shown her true colors and endorsed Rick Miller. I think Sonal is a traitor to her race and sex and I won’t forget this in future elections. Except for the hurt of it, I don’t think it will make any difference as most of Sonal’s supporters will more than likely transfer their support to Jacquie anyway,

But the hurt of it….

Remember if you didn’t vote in the primary at all… can still vote in the run-off for Jacquie.

Or if you voted for some other Republican in the primary, you can still vote for Jacquie in the run-off. She is supported by a broad coalition of business people, and men and women conservatives.

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4 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 07/04/12”

  1. tcnh663

    Dana vs Rick..who cares..not an issue
    In your previous column, you stated the party was broke, now you say it has $110K. Clearly you have trouble with the facts and I’ll go with Mr. Miller’s version.
    You keep throwing stones (weak ones) at Mr. Miller but you never talk about any issues. How about writing a column worth reading that might be interesting to intelligent voters? Why do you support Chaumette, for example.

    • FortBendStar

      I believe I corrected myself in the later column. Don’t I get points for that? Are you such a Rick supporter that you can even do that? My column about why I support Chaumette will be this week. BKC

  2. tcnh663

    No points for false accusations without any facts. Two columns in a row of Rick hating sounds personal.

    I have spent many hours with both candidates disuccing the issues. Both are really good people and fairly alligned with my own views. My biggest issue with Chaumette is that while I see her passion; not so much with the family. They are so young that I fear she will either be a short term representative or end up in divorce. For the good of her family, I lean to Miller.

    • FortBendStar

      What a crock! I don’t hate Rick Miller simply because I find him lacking as our state rep. As far as Jacquie’s family, I think it is stronger than you seem to. After all a state rep only serves 6 months every two years and can come home every Friday (early). You need to find a better reason to justify your support for Rick Miller. BKC

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