Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 07/11/12

Local Politics, part 3

I know you are probably tired of politics but I’m going to have to write about this until the run-off which is Tuesday, July 31.

The reason I am going to have to write about it is that it is so important. We in Dist. 26 have had 25 years or more of bad representation from Hot Tub Tom DeLay who didn’t get religion until he moved to  Washington D. C. and saw there was money in it, to back bencher Jim Tallas who divorced his wife and married some aide from the House, to Charlie Howard who was at least a moral man but only worked on bills that would advance home schooling, vouchers, and prayer in school with a little anti-abortion thrown in.

Fort Bend is already pretty great in spite of itself, but can you imagine how great it would be if we had adequate representation all those years?

Thank goodness some good representatives came along during that time that were elected in adjacent districts and acted in all our best interests. I know you probably don’t believe me entirely so ask one of your businessman friends. They will back me up if it’s off the record.

Hell, Charlie tried to get the developers to pay him a monthly retainer to keep an eye on their interests in Austin. I thought we elected him to keep an eye on all our interests in Austin. The only people who ended up paying him was Johnson Development, as admitted to me by Doug Goff. Surely they didn’t continue that. That would make Charlie an undeclared lobbyist and I think he was too moral for that, once it was pointed out.

Today I want you to close your eyes and imagine the Texas House of Representatives in session. If you imagination is working well, you will see a whole bunch of  black, brown, blue suited guys all milling around.

Now imagine Jacquie Chaumette among them, She is a flower. She stands out but has sense enough to keep her mouth shut and observe the first year she is there. She knows how to make friends.

But in addition in knowing how to make friends, Jacquie is the only candidate to have public policy (legislative matters) experience. Her college helps her out there as she has a masters degree in public policy and city planning and has taught public policy for close to a decade at U of H. She has been in business for 13 years in public policy.

During her tenure on Sugar Land City Council, Jacquie’s council assignment has been on the intergovernmental relations committee whose function has been to formulate  (with other council members) Sugar Land’s legislative agenda to take to Austin.

The top policy issues in the next legislative session are infrastructure, water, transportation, and education, and Jacquie is the only candidate with experience in those areas.

Governor Perry appointed Jacquie to the Brazos River Authority. Jacquie is the only candidate to have served on a statewide policy board.

Jacquie had lived here 19 years and she has been active in her community. She is the only candidate who has. I don’t know how you are supposed to know issues in your community if you’ve never been involved in your community.

In addition to serving two terms on the Sugar Land City Council, she has been involved in the Fort  Bend Republican Party longer than her opponent, starting out belonging to a Republican women’s group and serving as a precinct chair before.

So picture that flower in the House of Representatives and remember that is one smart flower. She is no “my way or the highway” like her opponent. She doesn’t do things for a short while then gets bored and quits when the glory is gone. We’ve seen pictures so many times of her lawyer husband and baseballing kids, unlike her opponent whose family we don’t know.

Let me tell you all the ways you can vote for Jacquie.

You can vote for Jacquie in the run-off even if you didn’t vote at all in the May Republican or Democrat primary.

You can vote for Jacquie again if you DID vote for her in the Republican primary. (In fact, you MUST-lol).

You can vote for Jacquie in the run-off even if you voted for someone else in the May Republican primary. All is forgiven!

As I told you earlier in the primary season, I had my concerns with Jacquie even though we have been friends for so long. She hasn’t changed her mind about the issue and  I haven’t changed my mind about it either, but I am so concerned about the future of Fort Bend that I can agree to disagree about one item.

Go vote. Early voting starts July 23.

And don’t think this is my last word on all this. You’ll have to suffer through some more next week and maybe the week after that.

How now brown shirt……Soon-to-be former Sheriff Milton Wright was first seen squiring around State Rep wannabe Rick Miller to stores and introducing him to the owners. That had probably been the first time most of these people had ever even met Milty. And it was during business hours when Sheriff Wright should have been taking care of criminal work, not squiring around a political candidate.

Then last week at least he stayed at the office, but he took Democratic candidate for sheriff, Harris County Sheriff Sergeant Michael Ellison all around the Fort Bend sheriff department and introduced him to all the jailers, detectives, people on duty, and what have you.

“Tragically – Sheriff Milton Wright has turned his legacy into a form of terrorism.

He has strapped on stupid and blown his creditability all over Fort Bend County.”

……….LeaAnne Klentzman

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3 Comments for “Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 07/11/12”

  1. Good article. It makes a lot of sense. Jacquie would also bring some much needed diversity to an almost all white GOP in Austin – but the experience you point out is the key reason to support her.

  2. tcnh663

    I don’t want to hurt your feelings but this was a mostly fair column Bev. It’s obviously your slant but other than a distortions about the “other candidate”, it was good.

    • FortBendStar

      *Since my job at this newspaper is to state my opinion and not necessarily be “fair” by your definition, I’m glad you noticed some “distortions” by your definition, but “truths” by my definition. This is an opinion column, you toad, and you are not supposed to grade me on my “slant.” bkc

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