I’m Sick and Tired… 08/08/12

I’m sick and tired of these liberal democrats referring to the president’s job creation as better than George W. Bush’s and/or Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts. Any time you hear that between now and November 6, keep in mind that the liberal democrat is purposely deceiving the public.

When the liberal talking head lets the democrat continue with that reasoning without question, keep in mind that they want their viewers to be deceived also.

When Bush or Romney were in executive leadership roles as governor or president, unemployment was between 4% and 6%, while an unemployment rate of 5% is considered full-employment. How can you “encourage” an economy to create jobs that has employed just about everybody that wants to work?

In other words, it is comparing apples and oranges. In other words comparing Bush’s first 42 months as president to Obama’s first 42 months is apples and oranges. Remember it is a lot harder to get people to quit a job and go to work somewhere else (although probably at higher pay) than it is to get unemployed people to find an available job.

These knuckleheads know this. I’m sure it has even been pointed out to them on air before and they know their argument is fallacious, but they can’t help but keep up the lie. It makes too good a sound bite and they seldom get challenged on the logic (or lack thereof).

Then these same knuckleheads say with a straight face that we need to rebuild our infrastructure. No we don’t. Let me make this clear, the United States is NOT in dire need of rebuilding our infrastructure. That liberal democrat campaigning for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts is comparing China’s spending on infrastructure to the United States. She states, ‘China spends 9% of GDP while we’re “only” at 2.4% of GDP’.

When China spends billions of dollars on the Three Gorges Dam that is like a mile long and kicks out a couple hundred thousand citizens from their homes (some living in the same dwelling for generations) the democrat nominee calls this progress. Here, those of us that believe in liberty over tyranny call it government takeover while environmentalists call it habitat destruction.

Our infrastructure is pretty good because it was engineered (over-engineered is many cases) and built to last a century or longer. Every time these pinheads say “rebuild infrastructure” just replace it with “rebuild public sector unions”. THAT is where they want money to go. Not to public companies that will hire multitudes of people (some even union workers).

By the way, if you live in Sugar Land or Missouri City, the cities are responsible for 95% of the infrastructure you come in contact with on a daily basis. If you have a problem with infrastructure, you call the mayor or city council and your cities tax rate takes care of, maintains, upgrades all of that infrastructure, and not the federal government. Have you ever called a federal agency for any infrastructure problem?

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