I’m Sick and Tired… 08/15/12

I’m sick and tired of the Senate Majority leader making political speeches on the floor of the senate that has nothing to do with senate business. Dingy Harry (and any other member of the body) could and should make a political argument about matters facing that body. He should not be allowed to make personal accusations against a candidate that has nothing to do with the legislative branch much less the senate. Remember Joe Wilson’s “you lie” outburst.

It really is disgusting that a man that has never made even a single year of his taxes public would chastise a political opponent for only releasing two years of taxes. I wonder when Mitt Romney is President will Dingy Harry want him to succeed?

I guess the Senate Majority Leader would not be fit for or be approved for a cabinet level position since he won’t release any of his tax returns. Even though at least two of the President’s cabinet appointees were actually caught cheating on their taxes, Dingy Harry continues to go down this road.

Then to top it off President Obama will not even release any of his college records or transcripts. In the words of Stretch Pelosi, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz and Dingy Harry, “until he releases them, we don’t know what he is hiding.”

The same liberal news media that repeatedly brought up Romney’s “high school” prank some 40 years ago, just accepts the president hiding his college transcripts from public scrutiny. Of course this is the same press that dismisses the president’s close association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Close enough friends that Ayers hosted meetings at his Chicago home in 1995 to promote Obama for the Illinois state senate. Never even one question.

You won’t hear it in the lame stream media, but remember Obama’s own words. If he didn’t “turn this around in three years, then this (his administration) is going to be a one term proposition.” That, along with the rest of his empty rhetoric such as – no lobbyists in his administration (the most lobbyists of any modern president), the meetings on legislation will be open (when Democrats controlled both the house and senate meetings were not even open to Republicans much less the public), all legislation will be available online for five days before voting appears all but forgotten by the lame stream media.

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