Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 08/15/12

I have a theory……I’m sure many of you remember how Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went onto the Senate floor and claimed that Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney hadn’t paid any taxes in 10 years? Reid claimed that an anonymous Bain employee passed this information onto him.

I wonder how a Bain employee knew how much Romney paid in income taxes for 10 years. The only person that I’ve even heard of getting a glimpse of Romney’s taxes was John McCain who supposedly saw them when Romney was vetted as McCain’s running mate.

Romney was passed over for Sarah Palin, which wasn’t a very good choice either as it turned out, but this does leave McCain with the smoking gun, doesn’t it? We haven’t heard very much from him during this election cycle. I’m just theorizing…..

And now a word to all the birthers…….Over 50 years ago a Caucasian woman from Kansas who had married a Kenyan man from East Africa, knew her son would one day be president of the United States so she took care to have his birth announcement printed in two Hawaiian newspapers and went the extra step to name him something that would assure his election, particularly after our country attacked Iraq which was led by Saddam Hussein. The name? Barack Hussein Obama II.

Just my opinion….All birthers are all idiots.

And now for something completely different…..All those birthers and all those people who accused Barack Hussein Obama II of being a devotee of either Rev. Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr. or (your choice) a radical Muslim, are gearing up to support Willard Mitt Romney, whose church did not let Black people join the priesthood until 1978 and still do not allow women; who wear “magic” underwear; who believe God lives on a planet called “Kolob;” who believes they can pray you into Heaven after your death; and who consider Willard Mitt Romeny one of their most esteem leaders and a “prophet.” Just my opinion….. All Republicans, many of whom are my kin and friends, are … get my picture.

Most days…….I went through a series of tests recently with a neurologist who told me my hearing was “pin drop” perfect and said I had the mental comprehension of an 18 year old Olympic athletic. Now that I think about it, I’m not so sure that was a compliment. You know, all brawn, no brain. Do you suppose that is what he meant?

In any event, there are some days when I feel like I don’t have a lick of sense. Like the week I wrote a piece for this newspaper and said that Republican state rep. candidate Rick Miller didn’t have an opponent in the general election.

I don’t know where my head was that day. Thank goodness it wasn’t the day the doctor examined me.

Miller does have an opponent, and even though Fort Bend has voted decidedly Republican for the past few years, Miller is not a shoo-in for the general election. His opponent is Vy Nguyen (pronounced “V Win,” is that a great name or what?), a young Vietnamese attorney that is as pretty as she is smart.

In the last presidential election, Obama received 48.5% of the votes in Fort Bend County. Since he’s heading the ticket again this year, Ms. Vy Nguyen has the advantage Obama’s votes, of all the Asian votes plus the votes of those who don’t like Miller. And Ms. Nguyen certainly has as much community involvement as Miller. I’ll run a story about her shortly.

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