Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 08/22/12

So are you still proud to be a Republican?….. Back when the argument over increasing the debt ceiling raged (which ultimately resulted in S & P downgrading America’s credit rating), I called former Fort Bend Republican County Chair Eric Thode and asked him if he was still proud to be a Republican. Of course, Thode spent the next 15 minutes chewing me out for not being a proud Republican to the point I finally said, “I thought so,” and slammed down the receiver.

As one scandal piles on top of another scandal, I wonder just what it would take to make Fort Bend County, which is so red, a little bit more purple.

I’m going to detail some recent Republican scandals. These are just the tip of the iceberg:

Last year started off right with Representatives Pete Sessions (R-Tex) and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) on the same day the House was hearing the Constitution read aloud on the House floor, were throwing it into a turmoil because they voted several times without being properly sworn in. During the swearing-in ceremony they were having fund-raising events in the Capitol complex (against the law) and swore themselves in by raising their right hands to the television set during the televised ceremony. I have one question. Were they drunk or just crazy?

Still in 2011, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill) was ordered by a Chicago judge to explain why he owes his wife $100,000 in back child support. Walsh is the Tea-Partier who always complains about the national debt by saying, “I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!” Guess he’s not concerned about the way they eat now.

Let’s not forget the sex scandals….. Also in 2011, we had the sex scandals. (I know that’s what you are waiting for me to talk about. I ain’t going into details.)

Former California governor Arnold Schewarzenegger fathered a child with the maid that worked for him and wife Maria. It might not have been the only one.

Former SC Governor Mark Sanford was carrying on an affair with a woman in Buenos Aires while his wife was home. He claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, which soon became the euphemism for straying husbands. He and his wife got a divorce but he refused to resign as governor and stayed until the end of his term. The joke was on him as his wife always had all the money anyway.

Representative Christopher Lee (R-NY) shirtless picture and lies on Craig’s List.

Senator John Ensign (R-Nev) carried on an affair with a married member of his staff, the wife of his supposedly best friend. Had his parents pay her husband to keep him from talking.

Then of course there’s former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani who was carrying on with another woman and announced he was going to marry her publicly before he even told his wife. Hey, these Republican are not only randy, they’re CADS!

And Marc Souder, former Indiana congressman ( affair with a staffer).

Then we have Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, carried on an affair with a staffer who was 23 years his junior while leading the Clinton impeachment movement and having an affair himself. One of his wives he served divorce papers while she was in the hospital with cancer. See what I mean about cads?

Then we have the gays….. or supposed gays: Larry Craig, the Idaho Senator with the airport bathroom “wide stance” and Mark Foley, former Florida congressman who wrote inappropriate and flirty email to male house pages. That’s just nasty!

Which brings us to….. This year we had Republican favorite Rush Limbaugh call a Georgetown law student a “slut” because she wanted oral contraceptives covered by health care laws and then we have Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) who allegedly faces an FBI investigation into the charge that he tried to strong arm an influential Israeli rabbi into giving him a substantial campaign donation.

Florida Republican Rep. David Rivera is being investigated for falsely amending his campaign report and take personal expenses out of his campaign account.

Poor Pete Sessions (R-Tex) is accused of receiving an inappropriate loan from the defunct mortgage giant Countrywide Financial Corp.

The very latest…. Republican scandals: Representative Todd Akin who is trying to be Senator in Missouri who maintained, before he was called on it, that in the case of “legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut [pregnancy] down.”

Akin was trying to justify his position on not allowing abortions even in the cases of rape or incest, a widespread Republican platform. Even members of his own party have called for him to get off the ballot, fearing if they lose Missouri they have no hope of taking back the Senate.

Akin claims he “misspoke” but many people who follow things like this say that many Republicans really believe this old wives tales about the body shutting down. Shows what they know about our anatomy and is just one more reason they should stay the hell out of it.

And the coup de grace, it was revealed that a group of Republican legislative junketeers jumped into the Sea of Galilee for a late night swim. One was naked, Kansas Representative Kevin Yoder, and it all came to light because of a FBI probe into the aforementioned New York Representative Michael Grimm. Some of the other swimmers were in varying stages of undress, according to news reports.

Still not ashamed?….. Republicans have a presidential candidate who won’t release his taxes, probably because he didn’t pay any, has no telling how many foreign bank accounts, and changes his position every day to fit whomever he’s talking to.

I’m not saying the Democrats don’t have a bunch of scandals also, but I think the Republicans have more mendacity.

Many Republicans didn’t resign as a result of their scandals. It seems to me that sex scandals just don’t hurt Republicans the way they hurt Democrats.

And economic scandals don’t seem to hurt much either. Heck, they’re proud of ‘em. I’m sure glad I don’t live in D.C. I couldn’t stand the smell.

Let me introduce you….. The “Star” now has a consistent conservative voice to counteract my (proudly) liberal one. Not only do we try mightily to bring you the community news each week, we are the only newspaper that consistently offers you opinion columns where we put it all out there.

Barbara Carlson, a long-time Fort Bender and conservative activist will be writing a column every week (we hope) for the “Star”. Catch her this week as she has other warnings about the GOP that differ from mine.

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