I’m Sick and Tired… 08/29/12

I’m sick and tired of the President of the United States talking about anything but his economy. There are 25 million Americans that are unemployed, underemployed or have stopped looking for employment. Those that have stopped looking are not even counted in the national unemployment rate. This knucklehead has had four years to turn around the employment situation in the United States. Instead, he ensures that Brazil creates jobs by giving them loans for offshore drilling and gives Fisker, a Finland company, loans to build hybrid electric cars. The average price tag on these cars is $100,000. Twenty-five million Americans unemployed… shameful.

When thousands of jobs could be created by building another 1,000-mile pipeline across the country, this president stops job creation.  The pipeline would be added to the ALREADY 200,000 miles of underground pipeline that carries virtually 100% of all petroleum products used in the United States. In California alone there is over 8,000 miles of these pipelines already in use every day.

So, the ultra left wing, liberal, environmentalist wacko state of California has thousands and thousands of miles of underground petroleum pipelines and democrat politicians fear mongered approval of the Keystone pipeline and stopped the project. Twenty-five million Americans looking for well-paying jobs and these politicians shutdown the private sector from creating at least 10,000 jobs on one simple, safe, probably over engineered pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Some of these pinheads said they were just going to pipe it down to the Texas coast to load it on tankers and sell it to China. So what! What business is it of theirs? Who cares what they do with it? Will it be put into the supply chain and increase the amount of oil available that leads to downward pricing pressure?

Remember the president and his blind followers don’t want to talk about the economy or jobs. Just read last week’s Bev’s Burner in this newspaper. There is NO “widespread republican platform” of not allowing abortions in cases of rape. In fact, I have never met a pro-life conservative or republican that believed victims of rape should not be allowed abortion as an option. Todd Akin was chastised by Mitt Romney and republican leaders and was urged to leave the race for his stupid comments.

We have 25 million Americans unemployed, underemployed or stopped looking for work and they want to talk about sex scandals. Who cares about politicians jumping in the Sea of Galilee in various states of dress? One was reportedly naked! Oh my gosh, say it isn’t so. For every republican sex scandal that leads to the defeat of the candidate in the PARTY PRIMARY, there are two democrat sex scandals where the democrat party circled the wagons to re-elect them.

When Obama was sworn into office, the national average of gasoline was $1.80 a gallon, while today the national average is $3.75. When is the last time you heard the lame stream media report the misery of paying at the pump. When gasoline was averaging $2.50 during the Bush administration, they had national news stories on it weekly! That was the only thing you saw the national media report about the economy was the “taxing” effect of gasoline prices on the workingman. Oh, that’s why they don’t report it anymore; the workingman is at home “getting a piece of the pie” without having to work for it. Maybe it is because their guy is in office.

These same democrats harp on 700,000 job losses per month when Obama was sworn in and blame Bush for handing over an economic meltdown. They say the tax cuts didn’t help. What a crock! What they leave out are the seven years and nine months that the average unemployment rate was between 4.2% and 6.3%. Only in the last three months of his eight years did unemployment creep up every month. That was not his economic policy that lead to the financial meltdown.

I admit to suffering from Bush fatigue syndrome during his last two years in office. Or maybe it was both houses of congress being controlled by the democrats that just gave me the fatigue.You hear Obama and the Kool-Aid drinkers constantly say, ‘you don’t want to go back to the eight years of Bush’. Well, yes I do! That would be almost eight years of lower taxes for EVERYBODY, high productivity, virtually no inflation, low unemployment and growing the GDP almost every year.

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1 Comment for “I’m Sick and Tired… 08/29/12”

  1. rickyancey

    From your column -There is NO “widespread republican platform” of not allowing abortions in cases of rape. In fact, I have never met a pro-life conservative or republican that …..
    You mean like the National Republican Party platform that says exactly that?
    You’ve never heard of Paul Ryan who sponsored legislation to that effect? You’ve never heard of the Personhood amendment that has wide Republican support?
    Are you intentionally misinforming your readers?

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