I’m Sick and Tired… 09/05/12

I’m sick and tired of outrageously high college tuition costs. When I started at a Texas public college 28 years ago the cost of a three hour course was $12. That was tuition only. No lab fees or books or parking etc. Today, I pay $1500 for that same three hours of college credit for my daughter at the exact same university. Even room and board costs did not increased that much!

After my first two or three years of college and after the state’s loss of oil revenue, they tripled the tuition to $36 for a three-hour course. The state’s entire justification for the cost increase was the loss of oil revenue in the Texas Permanent School fund.

Supposedly, the inflation adjusted cost of a barrel of oil is still lower today than during their peak in the early 1980’s. However, aren’t they drilling twice as many oil wells today than 25 years ago?

Has the university’s cost of electricity gone up that much. Have professor’s salaries increased that much? I don’t know of any single factor that can justify that amount of inflation. When I’ve asked some smart finance friends of mine they say there are more people attending college. So what! Build more classrooms, hire more faculty, etc.

A college education is not a commodity like oil that fluctuates depending on supply and demand. When demand increases, just build some more classrooms and hire more professors and bingo – you have increased the supply. Texas public schools educate kids in grades K-12  for about $9,000 per year and that includes the costs of textbooks and busing.

What is the cost of a high school classroom? The only difference between a college classroom and a high school classroom should be the teachers salary versus the professors salary.

I remember a parking permit costing about $35 per semester. Today it is around $500 for the year. Who is keeping an eye on these knuckleheads that are coming up with these rates? Why is it so much cheaper for a three-hour freshman English course at WCJC than at Texas State or the University of Texas?

These costs are absolutely outrageous! To add insult to injury many of the college students are building up huge amounts of student loan debt that they cannot afford to repay after graduation unless they can find a job.

It would seem to me that the Texas Permanent School fund should be decreasing college tuition costs. Doesn’t this revenue source increase in value annually and throw off increasing amounts of revenue to fund education. Why does college tuition just increase. In the financial meltdown of 2008, the recession, etc., etc. I saw lots of costs decrease throughout the economy. When are those tuition costs going to decrease?

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