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What does a slow crime week mean?

By LeaAnne Klentzman

So just exactly what does a slow week in the crime department really mean? Does it mean that crime is down? Does it mean that there is less crime that week or that it is just not being reported or, are “hot” crime stories not breaking in our area?

No matter your perspective on the issue; crime is job security for both cops and reporters. Crime is also job security for a whole segment in our society; judges, lawyers, bondsmen, contractors who build jails, courthouses, hospitals, car dealers, radio manufactures, folks that equip police cars, companies in the police supply business to say nothing of the firearms manufacturers and distributors who could be considered winners on either or both ends.

Cops and crooks both need guns, even if stolen; someone had to buy them in the first place, now we’re back to Crime being an integral part of our economy. All that being said, this week has been special; although it appeared that there had been mayhem on the streets of Fort Bend County, an inquiry revealed that is not the case.

This past week the sheriff’s office was called to investigate an aggravated kidnapping near Katy. That investigation revealed that a teenager wanted to live with the other parent so they made it all up. In another incident deputies were called to investigate a domestic assault with injuries; only to have the victim recant and not want to file charges. Then an aggravated robbery was reported just south of Richmond in a neighborhood that purports itself to be high-brow, yet when investigated, officials said it did not “pass the scratch and sniff test.”

Finally, there was a “threat” that occurred off Pitts Road near the volunteer fire station, in that case, a young mother and an older woman (no ages were available) got into a “disagreement” over the use of the monkey-bars at the park – a hail of threats followed; prosecution is desired.

While this can all appear to be trivial, officials say each case has the potential to escalate. So, although the crime watch indicates that crime has run amuck this week, really, it has been slow for the crimes that make everyone shudder; the personal injury types. Thus, understanding that we have to have crime to sustain the economy, bring on the car burglars, the criminal mischief punks and the dope mules headed south on US 59 with car loads of cash in their in-tow vehicles!

A few weeks of no driveway robberies, no home invasions, and no convenience store robberies is a good thing, but it can’t go for too long. Could it be that crime has slowed because the kids are back in school?

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