Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 10/10/12

The only voter fraud I’ve seen…..I’ll swan (old Southern saying) all these Republicans claiming voter fraud is rampant and yet we see voter fraud only by Republicans like the person trying to get her boss elected as County Attorney or District Attorney years ago. She was an assistant County Attorney, I think, although it’s been a long time.

I do remember that she had a house in Sugar Land where only her teenage kids lived. She lived in Harris County. I even went to her house to confront her. She drove up and ordered me away, but I had already got what I wanted. I went to the courthouse and told District Attorney John Healey. She was there at the time but someone told me she ran into the bathroom when she saw me and Susan Bankston arrive. We went into the bathroom and couldn’t find her and found she had gone into the men’s bathroom to avoid us. I don’t know if that was intentional or simply in her haste she didn’t look at the sign on the door.

In any event she was voting in the Republican primary. John Healey said he talked to her and she tearfully admitted she did it and was sorry and wouldn’t do it ever again. Now she was a lawyer and really knew better. She is still around and I should mention her name, but it has been a long time ago. Her punishment is living on pins and needles that I will write about it

The only other case of voter fraud I know about was when a certain county commissioner sent his Black assistant to the Black elderly people in the neighborhood and he helped them fill out their ballots by mail. They were very surprised to learn later that they had voted in the Republican primary. They were life-long Democrats!

Now we have a new case of voter fraud and its been committed by Rick Miller’s lovingly recruited candidate for Pct. 1 Commissioner, Bruce Fleming. He is running against Richard Morrison who is a great Commissioner and doesn’t need replacing. I love Richard. Sometimes he votes with the Republicans on the court and sometimes he votes with the Democrats. He votes for the people of Fort Bend County.

I started loving Richard years ago when he ran against Tom DeLay and once I found out he did a lot of environmental law, I was just madly in love. That’s hard to do with a Commissioner. Anyway, what I think is so funny is that the lady who heads “True the Vote” lives in Richmond. Yep, Catherine Engelbrecht is a Fort Bend County resident. Maybe she’s even reading this.

I simply don’t understand why so many people vote for Rick Miller. He is a snake. He appointed that Fleming fellow as a precinct chair. Then in less than a year, he appointed him as “Precinct Chair of the Year,” a totally made up honor. He anointed Sharon Roberts as County Chair then immediately got mad at her for not letting him continue to run things. I can guarantee you that Mike Gibson is not running the Republican Party; Rick Miller still is. Miller had the party give Fleming $10,000 and he gave himself $5,000 like he needs it.

Now Fleming is in a peck of trouble and the voter fraud is not the only thing. There’s more stuff coming next week. But here’s the thing about Fleming. By voting in two states for six years he had mendacity in his heart and is set on committing voter fraud or he is totally disorganized (his claim) and shouldn’t be running part of the county anyway. Either way, elect him and we lose.

Yack, Yack…..I don’t think Romney did so well in the debate. He talked too fast, so wildly and repeated himself to the point that it seemed to me he was on something, except for the fact that he’s a Mormon and doesn’t even drink coffee! Then every time the camera cut to Romney while Obama was talking, Romney was looking at Obama like he wanted to go steady.

Obama delivered a terrible performance, but Romney wasn’t wonderful.

Be on the lookout….. There’s an old cop expression called “BOLO.” It means be on the lookout. We need to be on the lookout for school vouchers. However you may feel about having to continue to pay taxes even when your own children are attending private school and you’re having to foot that heavy tuition, a system of school vouchers would ruin public education in Texas.

The reason I say BOLO is that Rick Miller’s best friend, Dan Patrick, has been appointed chairman of the education committee in the state legislature. Patrick has made no bones about the fact that he is a huge supporter of school vouchers and he has already served notice that he will be introducing that bill first off.

Since Rick Miller is such a supporter of school vouchers, I asked Sonal Bhuchar, as the former president of FBISD board of trustees, how in the world she could throw her support to him instead of someone like Jacquie, who supports public education. Sonal mealy-mouthed some little excuse about how Jacquie had said she was for vouchers also. I think Sonal is just plain stupid and you need to BOLO because I can guarantee you that she is going to run for something else in the future. I don’t believe Miller offered her money for her support but the promise to support her in some future election. Sonal doesn’t realize that Miller will probably disappear into some part of Dan Patrick’s anatomy and that’s the last she will see him.

That situation makes me so mad I can’t even try to be funny. We had a do nothing state rep in Charlie Howard whose only job was picking on public education at the state level for twenty years. We are about to elect another Charlie Howard in the guise of Rick Miller. I guess we deserve him.

However, we do have a choice. We have Vy Nguyen (Vee Win–get it?)

What’s going on…… Rumors abound that the Republicans are going to censure Republican County Clerk Dianne Wilson and Pct. 1 Constable A.J. Dorr for endorsing Pct. 1 Democrat and incumbent Commissioner Richard Morrison over their party’s candidate Bruce Fleming. Now Fleming is very close to getting indicted for voter fraud and certainly has other things he will be charged with, yet Wilson and Dorr are supposed to be censured? Meanwhile Republican Sheriff Milton Wright goes around the county escorting the Democratic candidate for sheriff and Republican women are honoring him with a luncheon? I also heard Commissioner Andy Meyers was supporting the Democratic sheriff candidate but Meyers said he would never support a Democratic. Guess all I heard was not true.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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  1. GoodOldBoyz

    It is difficult not to enjoy your tweaking the nose of local “officials” when they deserve it. Keep up the good work. I do take issue with your position on school vouchers. The quality of education in Texas Public Schools has declined concurrent with forced integration. If we pay, with our school taxes, for our children’s education, we should have the ability to decide where they can actually learn.

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