I’m Sick and Tired… 10-17-12

Wag the dog and other alternate universes

Some declared the death of journalism during the 2008 Presidential election when Obama’s admitted cocaine and pot use was not worthy of their scrutiny.

I declared obvious liberal bias in 1994 when they referred to Gingrich’s proposals as cuts to this program or that program when there was not one penny cut to any program whatsoever.

Two months later they touted Clinton’s budget as “in balance” after he stole social security and his “reductions in the proposed budget increases” (only months previously every newscaster/talking head called this a cut).

Last week a democrat operative released a secretly videotaped conversation Romney had at a fundraiser. He declared 47% unreachable by his campaign. Let’s see, 49% of wage earners pay no federal income taxes, so across the board tax cuts don’t mean much to them.

When Obama took office there were 30 million people on food stamps and today there are 47 million people on food stamps. I don’t think welfare reform will win many of these voters over either.

We can argue about the percentage (I would put it closer to 40%) that “Romney doesn’t have to worry about” as he will never win their support and he doesn’t need to campaign to get it. Wow, is that some revelation or political reality.

Liberals and the lame stream news media can castigate Romney for not “worrying about the 47%” that won’t vote for him anyway, but we all know that is exactly what Obama did. He doesn’t care about the 54% that don’t want Obamacare and want it repealed.

This president never intended to “please” the 47% that did not vote for him. In 2009, during the $800 billion stimulus package negotiations, the 47% wanted to have some input in the stimulus to what Obama (or Rahm Emanuel) replied with “we won” and immediately dismissed the minority’s suggestions. We never hear about that incident.

When Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell stated he was committed to making Obama a one-term president he was excoriated by liberals and the media. Only now has it been recently reported that that remark was completely out of context.

Over the past couple months we have seen the media dig up stupid high school pranks that Mitt Romney participated in 40 years ago? The news media is making up their own narrative. They report that Mitt Romney was a bully cutting the hair of some kid and that kid was “reportedly” homosexual.

This victim is now deceased so it is very convenient for them to speculate on these 40-year-old details (and ignore the cocaine snorter Obama). His family reported that their son was not a homosexual and think it is pathetic to use their brother to further a political agenda.

Obama’s latest foreign policy debacle is straight out of ‘Wag the Dog’. On September 11, radical Islamist’s planned terrorist attacks in Egypt and Libya where they kidnap and torture four Americans at a consulate in Benghazi. After the White House was notified of the attacks and the Ambassadors whereabouts were unknown, the president chose to go to bed! Four or five days later we see police taking a “C” grade film producer into custody. I swear I thought I saw Dustin Hoffman just off camera directing the camera shots and heard Robert De Niro saying, “The disgusting movie trailer produced by an American was the impetus of mob violence escalating to murder and torture.”

Instead of any pressure put on the President of the United States, the liberals and news media (used interchangeably) hammers Mitt Romney for pointing out this Administration’s acquiescence and apology for a two-minute movie trailer that nobody had seen (until they told the public where to find it).

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1 Comment for “I’m Sick and Tired… 10-17-12”

  1. RW

    I’m so tired of the liberal media acting like Obama is an answer to our prayers!


    Newsflash: Romney’s been there for us from the start! And will be after he’s elected!

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