Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 10-17-12

Stompin’ and spittin’….. There was so much going on this week I don’t even know where to start. We have discovered that Bruce Fleming, the Republican candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 1, is not only a serial voter in two states, voted in two different primaries (the Republican and Democratic) in the same election cycle, but also has homestead exemptions in both states, Texas and Pennsylvania.

I asked Fort Bend Chief Appraiser Glen Whitehead if this was legal. He told me it wasn’t legal but the penalty was to have the homestead exemption removed for the past five years, and the additional taxes recaptured.

After the Republicans hastily scheduled a closed meeting in a courtroom and our reporter refused to leave because it was in a taxpayer funded facility and they hadn’t reserved the room, the Republicans then met at a local lawyer’s office to decide what to do about the “Fleming situation.”

Then they held a separate meeting with their precinct chairs at their headquarters in Sugar Land, and I decided to attend that one. County Chair Mike Gibson told me it was a closed meeting and I told him they couldn’t have one because they were a quasi-governmental body by dint of the fact they took taxpayer money to pay for their primary.

Gibson told me he would have me removed when the closed executive part of their meeting started. I told him he was going to have a hard time removing a big old gal like me with my oxygen machine so he had better bring a posse.

Sure enough, he called around and I’ve heard that three police departments didn’t want to remove a 71-year-old-lady who had lost a boob last year to cancer and has to have oxygen to get around.

Gibson stated he would simply call the meeting ‘closed’ from the beginning and not let me in. He would have a guard at the door. So sure enough I drove by there and he had a rent-a-cop posted at the door checking driver’s licenses against a list on a clipboard. Whooo.

Serial lurking with me was candidate Rick Miller who couldn’t get in either seeing as how he is no longer a precinct chair.

This is one of the few times when precinct chairs have any rank so most of them were present. I’ve heard it took them from 7 pm to 9pm to write a press release explaining their feelings about their candidate Fleming.

I wonder what they will say because, I guess as punishment or something, they haven’t sent me a copy of the press release yet, and it’s my deadline.

Oh, well, I guess we’ll have to drop the other shoe and release a copy of the Petition for Emergency Relief from Abuse filed by Fleming’s wife. More about that next week.

According to my sources, the party asked Fleming for the $10,000 they gave him as a campaign contribution and he told them nothing doing as he was going to hit the ground running on Monday morning. This from a man who hasn’t hit a lick at a snake in some time and can’t seem to explain where he works.

The party also gave Rick Miller $5,000 and Kris Allfrey (running against Ron Reynolds) $7,500. When the other candidates asked for money, they were either refused or told the party was out of money. Yet according to their filing with the State Ethics Commission, they were sitting on a bank account healthy enough to rent the Skeeters ball park for their victory celebration.

So I guess all these hard-working elected officials have received a strong message from their party. If you are the darling of a small clique, made up mostly of Mike Gibson and Rick Miller, you will get money. But if not, zip, zero, zilch, nada. I can’t imagine tried and true vote-getters being treated that way by their very own party. I can see helping out those running for office the first time, but I can’t see completely ignoring the others.

If you treated a Democrat like that, they would meet you in the parking lot with their fist balled up.

I used to be a Republican, but they treated me so shabbily that I turned against them. I still like some of their elected officials. There are many who work hard and are good at their jobs. But I would not give you a plugged nickel (as my daddy used to say) for some of the party’s political leaders.

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