Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 10/24/12

Yes, I really am an independent…..The following are SOME of the people I know right now that I will be voting for. I’ll probably make up my mind about some more next week.

Barack Obama-Democrat

First, I’m going to vote for Barack Obama. I voted for him four years ago and I’m willing to give him four more. The entire time he has been in office the Republicans have done everything they can, including harming this country, to keep him from making America better or getting re-elected. They have spent their entire time undermining him. I’ve never seen that many grown men throw such a hissy fit.

Plus, if I vote for Mitt Romney, I don’t know which Mitt Romney I will get. That man has changed his story so many times I’m beginning to believe he’s a teenage girl.

Just not presidential:

U.S. Rep. Dist. 22
Pete Olson-Republican

He ain’t perfect, but he’s a lot better than any of his opponents. Maybe next year he’ll wake up and/or grow a pair.

State Senator Dist. 17
Joan Huffman-Republican

State Rep. Dist. 26
Vy Nguyen-Democrat

Her Republican opponent is Rick Miller, who recruited and mentored Bruce Fleming. ‘Nuff said.

State Rep. District 27
Ronald “Ron” Reynolds-Democrat

Reynolds is another one the Republicans have thrown a hissy fit about. They accuse him of all sorts of crimes. Reynolds is guilty of not paying his bar dues on time. He pays them and then he is reinstated. So do a bunch of other lawyers. It’s no big deal and he’s promised to do better.


I usually just vote for the woman, no matter if Republican or Democrat (except for Republican Sharon Keller who let a man die because she got his papers after 5).

We usually don’t see any appeal judges campaigning in Fort Bend, but I’m certainly going to vote for Barbara Gardner, who has campaigned heavily in Fort Bend.

District Judge, 387th District
Brenda Mullinix-Republican

District Judge-434th District
 James H. “Jim” Shoemake-Republican

Judge Shoemake and I got off to a rough start but since then I’ve noticed how hard working he is. He’ll do.

Troy E. Nehls-Republican

Nehls’ opponent is a law enforcement professional in Harris County, but he has not had the leadership positions that Nehls has had.

Tax Assessor-Collector
Patsy Schultz-Republican

County Commissioner, Pct. No. 1
Richard Morrison-Democrat

Don’t even get me started about Morrison’s opponent, Bruce Fleming, although I’ve always liked Morrison. He is an excellent County Commissioner and did not sue the county even before he was elected. That’s a Republican rumor that is false.

You CAN vote a modified straight party ticket…. Never heard of it? Well, neither had I, and I’ve always thought I was a pretty sophisticated voter. Of course it never came up with me because I’m an Independent and I’ve always voted a split ticket.

So here’s how you do it. You vote a straight party ticket on the front page. You even check the box that says straight party and names the party. Then you scroll to the bottom of the ballot and vote for the local candidates that may be of a different stripe. This will maintain your straight party vote EXCEPT for the candidates you have voted separately for.

This is a fast way to vote a straight party ticket but avoid voting for Bruce Fleming who has voted in two different states for the past six years. You can vote a straight party Republican ticket and then if you live in Pct. 1 you can scroll to that commissioner race and vote for Richard Morrison. Your other straight party votes will be preserved.

Morrison’s election will save the county lots of money in that Fort Bend won’t have to go to the expense of suing to have Fleming removed from office. As an admitted law breaker Fleming cannot serve, but the county would have to go through the removal process if he was to win.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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