Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 10/31/12

Scoundrel and fools…..I know I revealed last week that I was supporting Barack Obama but I want to add a few more observations. Mitt Romney has promised the citizens of America everything under the sun. He sort of lowers his head then looks up at the camera wistfully like he is about to ask you to go steady, a real hound dog look. Then he says he is going to decrease taxes, increase jobs, decrease the deficit, reform taxes, and buy everyone a pony.

Okay, I made up the pony stuff but it isn’t any bigger a whopper than Mitt Romney tells every week.

I’ll be blunt. The man is a liar!

In addition, I just can’t believe the American public and the news media have let him get away with refusing to release his taxes except for the past year when he knew he was running, nor can I believe they have let him get away with all those off shore and secret foreign bank accounts. I mean, how can you support a president that doesn’t believe in his country enough to keep him money here?

My next person I want to revisit is Pct. 1 Commissioner Richard Morrison, a Democrat. Running against him is a Republican named Bruce Fleming, we’ve been told. I say that because he is such a shape shifter candidate that he has voted in both the Democratic and Republican primaries in the same election cycle.

He has also voted in two states for the past 6 years, and he has declared his house in Fort Bend and in Bucks County, Pa. as his homestead.

Fleming has brought some lady to the Republican functions and most thought she was his wife. Not so. His wife has continued to live in Pa. and it’s no wonder as she had to file a restraining order against him at one time.

But if they are both going to file for a homestead exemption, they have to divorce. That’s just the rules.

So in addition to Bruce Fleming being such a jerk, Richard Morrison has been a good guy from way back. He may be a Democrat, but when he votes on commissioner’s court, he doesn’t vote except for the citizens of Fort Bend County.

The Republicans continue to threaten County Clerk Dianne Wilson, and Constable A.J. Dorr for crossing party lines and supporting Morrison. They threaten them with censure which is about as harmful as someone standing in front of the precinct chairs and reading a tacky letter. I know because they did the same to me when I wrote about Tom DeLay, who even he admitted in his book that he deserved it.

Actually, it was my proudest moment. I don’t mind being censured by any political party ever.

I also want to say some nice words about Troy Nehls who is running for sheriff on the Republican ticket.

Although he doesn’t look it, Nehls is a tough customer with two Bronze Star medals for serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been the constable in Pct. 4 for the past eight years. He has 19 years of law enforcement experience. He beat out three other Republican contenders to win the nomination without a runoff. He’s tough, organized, ethical, and a leader. I think he would make an excellent sheriff.

County Attorney Roy Cordes was a Democrat until he lost a county judge election and decided it was time to change to a Republican. He actually lost the county judge election because he was indecisive.

He is being challenged by Democrat Skip Belt who would be able to make up his mind and express it as county attorney. Belt could pick a side and stay on it.

And my opinion about those of you who would vote for Rick Miller wouldn’t be appropriate on these pages. Vy Nguyen is his able opponent and I’m voting for her.

Please vote a split ticket.

Early voting until Friday. Take advantage of it. What if you lived on the East Coast? Wouldn’t you have been glad that you early voted? Just saying.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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