Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 11/14/12

Never mind…..I said last week that I was going to “save rubbing your nose in it” (about the presidential election) until this week, but I’ve changed my mind. Nothing would be accomplished by that and when I lose and someone rubs my nose in it, it just ticks me off rather that helps me learn anything.

Predicting the outcome of the 2012 General Election for the office of President is Bev Carter, Publisher of the Fort Bend Star.  She supported President Obama and was sure he would get reelected.  She wore the designer “diamond” studded French baret last Tuesday to make a point.

Instead, I’m going to spend a few words about “where do we go from here?” One place I think we should not go is the rigid ideology exhibited in the past. Adherence to some of the more radical views will not only get us nowhere, but those people who espouse those radical views should be shunned. People like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock do not represent the mainstream of any political party and should have never been allowed to advance to where they did.

It is said that the Tea Party threatens to “primary” those officeholders they disagree with, thereby causing those officeholders to claim more radical beliefs than they have. To “primary” an officeholder is to run someone against them in the primary when most of the truly conservative voters go to the polls. I think it is time the Republican party “primaries” some of the more radical members of the party by running candidates who are not ideologues.

For example, this past meeting of the Texas State Legislature was held during a time of  extreme concern about economic and educational issues, Yet as one of its first acts, our legislature with its Republican super majority took up  the elusive instances of voter fraud (except for one well-known Fort Bend case) and medically unnecessary and intrusive procedures for women seeking abortions. Even declared them an emergency!

The 2011 legislature practically ruined Texas education by passing the most Draconian budget that gutted school funding.

So I’ll not rub the Republican Party’s nose in it except to say it needs to get on the right side of history and return to the party it once was when it believed in less government and certainly didn’t want to get in anyone’s lady parts!

The anti-science party…..The Republican Party also borrowed from Shakespeare’s play who had Hamlet say, ““For tis the sport to have the enginer Hoist with his own petar.” In modern day it has come to mean “hoist by one’s own petard” and means you have supplied the means by which you have hurt yourself.

The Republicans, who have been such climate change deniers since the time of Al the Gore, saw New York Mayor Bloomberg endorse President Obama during the horrific hurricane on the East Coast and saw New Jersey governor Chris Christie hug and play BFF with President Obama during the hurricane relief efforts. The intensity of that storm has conjured up visions of the effects of climate change and certainly Mayor Bloomberg mentioned President Obama’s presidential leadership on climate change as a guiding factor in his decision.

So one might extrapolate that the terrible storm, exacerbated by climate change, gave President Obama, who acknowledges climate change, a leg up in the election. The climate change deniers were “Hoist by one’s own petard.”

Can they fix themselves?…..One editorial writer opined that our long national hissy fit may be over. You know, the hissy fit that mainly white male Republicans threw over the election of Barack Obama. I don’t think it will be.

The Republican Party has spent a couple of decades attracting older white males to its party ( along with their blue haired companions who belong to clubs that either have ette on the end of their titles or duly note they are Republican WOMEN) and they have failed to recognize that the voters have changed. They are all colors and all sexes, including a whole batch of gays which have been absolutely decried.

Since the election of President Obama, these older, white males have used the dog whistle words like John Sununu, a Romney surrogate, who accused Colin Powell of endorsing Obama due to his skin color, then called the president “lazy” and said he wished he would “learn to be an American.”

So the party has embraced angry white male extremists while the rest of the electorate has turned into a rainbow coalition. I don’t know if the party can keep from appearing self-serving when and if it tries to reach out to that rainbow group.

And the party that is made up of those angry white, mostly male voters probably can’t change, doesn’t believe anything is wrong except with others, and will remain anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-women, anti-color, and anti anything else. They don’t want to be in a party that accepts those other things.

It’s hard for a bunch of anti people to embrace anything and even harder for them to change. I predict that the Republican will become a minor Southern party in the next generation.

And that would be too bad for our republic which is built on a strong, two-party system. A strong two-party system means only the best run and are elected. Right now we have people running in the Republican party who try to fulfill the likes of the extreme conservative which most of the people in the U.S.A. reject.

New photo…..I stopped running pictures of my grandchildren because Doyle Reynolds told me people didn’t take me seriously when I did.

Jack and Carter Fredrickson, Bev’s two grandsons

So I quit running the kids pictures but lately I’ve decided that maybe I don’t care whether you take me seriously or not. In fact, maybe you shouldn’t. There are times when I don’t take myself seriously.

But even more frightening is that the other day, Carter, my eight-year-old grandson noticed that my picture ran with my column.

He immediately wanted a column. He didn’t say why, but I suspect he liked the picture idea. I could ignore this but the last time I turned my back on him after he asked me a question about how you start a blog, he emerged from my home office about two hours later and he had started a blog, complete with pictures and everything!

So maybe I shouldn’t ignore this column idea and give him a picture anyway. I don’t want him telling you in a column how I keep house, or spank him with a wooden spoon (I only threaten), or sleep late, or don’t go to church, or eat chocolate, or, wait. I’ve just told you my secrets. See how dangerous a column is.

Here’s the picture. Jack and Carter, my two boy scouts.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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