Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 11/21/12

Gobble, gobble…..Many of our well-to-do neighbors will spend today (Wednesday) packing their vehicles to travel out of town for the Thanksgiving holidays. The poor can’t afford to go anywhere and the rich are flying.

A lot of those travelling out of town by vehicle are going to their “country place” or “weekend place.” They call them by various names–the “farm,” the “ranch” [ I grew up on a real ranch. Honey, if you don’t have at least two sections [a section is 640 acres or one square mile] you don’t have a ranch, you have a ranchette), the “river,” or the “lake.”

I don’t care how much money I ever win (at this point in my life it’s about the only way I’m gonna get it), I would never have a “weekend” place. The reason for this is that for years I’ve watched various relatives and friends pack up and leave a nice, comfortable house to get in their overloaded car and drive like a bat out of hell to a weekend place where the first thing they will have to do is turn on the water.

Then they will spend the rest of the weekend mowing the yard, fixing the fence, patching the roof, making the plumbing work, and many other chores which will end up taking up most of the weekend.

If they are on a body of water and happen to have a boat and kids, they will spend the remainder of the time going to get gas for the ski boat and pulling kids behind the boat.

Meanwhile, their wives will have to cook bacon, pork and beans, and french fries in an under-equipped kitchen and spend an inordinate amount of time washing dishes, whether by hand or filling and emptying a dishwasher.

Both husband and wife work harder at the “weekend” place than they ever thought about working at home where they have a maid at least once a week.

My own kids are going to their “river” place for Thanksgiving. Not me. If I’m going to fix Thanksgiving dinner I’m at least going to do it in my well-equipped kitchen. Or I’m going to accept one of the four invitations I’ve received to eat with friends and other relatives.

To each his own. Have fun everybody!

Just typical……. Local Republican leaders thought they were so smart. They thought they were being so smart to withdraw their support from Bruce Fleming, that Republican candidate in the Pct. 1 commissioner race who was a serial voter and a serial homestead exemption filer, on the one hand. Then on the other hand, they insisted all “real” Republicans vote a straight party ticket. Guess what that does?-lets Bruce Fleming continue his voter philandering ways.

And the Republican hierarchy darn well knew it. In fact, they threatened to censure Republican officeholders Dianne Wilson and A.J. Dorr for supporting the Democrat in the race–Richard Morrison.

And speaking of Richard Morrison….Although Morrison beat Fleming by 691 votes out of a total vote count of 46,631 in that particular race, maybe he didn’t think that was enough with all the help he got. Maybe Morrison thought he should have beat Fleming by more than 50.74% to 49.26% because–to date–HE HAS NOT EVEN PICKED UP THE PHONE TO THANK ANY OF US, MYSELF INCLUDED.

The reason I am so upset about this is that A.J. and Dianne risked political suicide to support Morrison and I spent many hours in research not to mention many inches of column space and I’ve not had one word. Maybe he’s afraid I’m gonna ask him to buy an ad!

Other election news…..Although I’m not as much a numbers geek as Nate Silver, I do like to look at them and compare them to previous years.

In the last general election in 2008, the Democrats beat the Republicans in straight party votes by 50.3% to 49.1%. Total votes cast that year in Fort Bend was 205,931. This year the total votes cast was 222,626 and the Republicans beat the Democrats in straight party votes by 53.19% by 46.07%. My conclusion is that Fort Bend Republicans were mad and voted straight party. Why else would you vote a straight party ticket?

Back in 2008, Obama received 48.5% of the votes while McCain got 50.9%. This year, Obama received 46.08% to Romney’s 52.91%. The only conclusion one can draw is that Fort Benders like Romney better than McCain. Figures. People in Fort Bend like to think they are either rich like Romney or will be one day. They relate to him more than they did the warlike McCain.

Over the U.S. supposedly more 36% single women voted for Obama. Conclusion: Fort Bend doesn’t have that many single women and the single women they do have are trying not to be.

On election night I watched a little of Fox News to see how they were taking the defeat. I would watch for about 10 minutes than call a friend and ask them to talk me off the cliff I had climbed on listening to Fox. I happened to be watching when Karl Rove tried to talk them out of calling Ohio for Obama. Megyn Kelly even took a camera and walked down to the “call” desk at Fox, found that Ohio was indeed Obama’s, matched back up and said to Karl Rove perhaps the best line in all the coverage, “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?”

Best debate line in the lead up to the various primaries: Rick Perry’s “Oops.” No, he wasn’t on pain medicine. He really is that stupid. And before you get all hacked off at me for disliking Rick Perry, remember who gutted our public education funding.

To you going out of town for Thanksgiving, you have probably already left, but drive safely anyway. To those of you staying home like me for a lazy, joyful, calm, indolent Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble.

P.S. I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas. No pressure to decorate or buy gifts. Only pressure is to “be there” where ever “there” is.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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