Barbara Carlson’s “column” and commentary of November 21 stirs up resident

Dear Editor,

It is a wonderful country we live in when people from all political backgrounds, including the American Nazi Party, the Man – Boy Love Association and Barbara Carlson have the ability to speak freely without fear of government reprisal.

What I find interesting is that Carlson begins her column talking about the President of the United States and then proceeds to say “Our country is in a dark place.”  She makes this statement after the President has extracted us from the longest and most costly wars in American history as well as put the United States, a net exporter of oil, on track to be the largest exporter of oil in the world in the next few years.  Unfortunately, Carlson’s positions week after week are laughable echoes of Fox News and The Rush Limbaugh entertainment show.

She goes on to indict organized labor for the demise of Hostess Bakeries, probably the maker of her favorite snack foods Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Ho-Hos.  But does she tell you that Hostess is an $80 Billion company that has been sold and restructured ala Bain Capital three times since the 1980’s each time asking the workers to take a cut in pay?  Does she tell you that Hostess multiplied the CEO’s compensation by 8 just prior to asking for bankruptcy protection?  Does she tell you that despite going into bankruptcy and ruining the lives of 18,500 workers that 19 top executives will receive $1.75 million in bonuses?  (With $80 billion in sales maybe there is something else going on here like greed and mismanagement). No, the problem here is obsession- Ms. Carlson has a little fascination with unions that’s all.

Ms. Carlson’s ability to speak is unfettered,  but she is critical of working Americans  who are willing to stand up for better pay, basic health insurance and working conditions from a company that advises its nationwide workforce to apply for government Medicaid benefits in lieu of being a responsible employer.  That would be Walmart, relying on corporate welfare to support low prices and Asian production lines.

Unions remain a vital force for workers and industry across the country and even in this warped little right to work state.  The new water plant here in Sugar Land employs union plumbers…certified, skilled, professionals responsible for constructing Ms. Carlson’s water supply…Is this somewhere you would like to cut corners Ms. Carlson? Maybe we could get Perry Homes to come in with “subcontractors from the south” and they could learn as they go?  Throughout the Houston area, union workers-  pipefitters, machinists, chemical workers, operators, electricians, firemen,  police officers and yes, teachers, all play a role in making sure that Ms. Carlson can blather on with her misguided opinions drive around town in a gas guzzler and wear the finest polyester made by man.

Ms Carlson will continue to pull ridiculous statements like “30% cost 70% their jobs…” out of thin air. But all she has to do to find the cause of this problem is to look at “job creators” like Walmart, Hostess, Taco Bell or the low paying mani-pedi shop opening down the street.

In the meantime Ms. Carlson…enjoy the Ding Dongs, I’m sure another venture capitalist will ”save” those Hostess jobs, by sending them to Mexico or just paying workers even less for creating the wonderful snack treats Ms. Carlson has come to enjoy.

Ms. Carlson would like the best and the brightest in Congress and the White House…isn’t that what conservatives have given us, Pete Olson and Paul Ryan?  Thank God for President Barack Obama and his ability to veto or the whole country would be like Arizona.

Let me assure, you that our household will continue to enjoy Ms. Carlson’s “the Conservative Voice” on a weekly basis and ironically, my parrot in particular will reap the most benefit at the bottom of his cage.

Anthony Lacsamana
Sugar Land resident

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