Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 12/12/12

Here’s one for the gifter….. My television was out all day Saturday (I hate Comcast), so from boredom I wrapped all my presents. Now you must know that I take great pride in my gift wrapping and wrap them with certain wrapping paper for certain gifts and great bows that I make myself.

Of course, this is at first. After I wrap the first six or seven presents, I start stuffing them in gift bags and I may or may not attach bows or streamers to the gift bags.

But Saturday, I was all geared up for wrapping. I got out my paper and divided it between birthday and Christmas. The three men in my family all have December birthdays so I make sure I use the appropriate wrapping paper. That is before I get bored with that and start with the gift bags.

Anyway, I neatly laid out all my equipment–scissors, tape with a heavy duty dispenser, ruler (didn’t need-what was I thinking?) stapler, etc. I even went to the trouble to track down a trash can to keep my area tidy.

I was using the dining room table so I shoved my centerpiece down to the end.

Then I began. I wrapped and bowed for an hour or two. I had brought a bottle of water to help me complete my task and I almost knocked it over several times in my headlong determination to wrap on until the TV came back on.

If you are a grandparent of any worth, you have many rolls of wrapping paper, collected from all your years of buying school wrapping paper from the kids. I also had a great collection of ribbon and bows, collected from many after Christmas sales.

I wrapped and wrapped. I didn’t remember this being so boring before. What was missing? Oh yeah. Vodka. By now, the floor is littered with little bits of paper and my determination to keep my area neat is long gone. I’m just glad I have knocked over the water bottle.

I was using some really nice paper and ribbon. I decided very shortly after I started my wrapping project this year that I would not be parsimonious with either. I said to myself, “Hell, I’m 71 years old, I’ve had cancer. What am I saving it for? I’m gonna use the good stuff and I’m gonna use it all if necessary.”

Darkness came and the pile of wrapped gifts piled up. I was just about ready to switch to the gift bags when the television blared back on. I’m done. The dining room is a mess and I’ve pulled every roll of wrapping paper and ribbon from my gift wrapping armoire. It’s bags from now to Christmas. Or gift cards.

Goodbye Deputy Dawg….. I notice the Republicans are having a roast of out-going Sheriff Milton Wright. I can’t believe they are going to give him a party after the way he treated them and all. He campaigned openly and publicly for the Democratic candidate for sheriff after his little fair-haired chief deputy was resoundingly beaten in the primary. I guess the voters didn’t like who he turned his department over to for the past 16 years as Milton himself didn’t hit a lick at a snake.

However, the roast is supposedly a fund raiser for the ARC and that guarantees a good cause and a good audience.

About the only thing good I can say about Milton is that he could be counted on to play the accordion at nursing homes (one local wag said he played there because his audience couldn’t run away). They should let me roast him. It would be a sell-out crowd. Do you suppose he could do a funny rebuttal?

A legend……I can’t let this week go by without mentioning Richmond Mayor Hilmar Moore who passed away last week. Mayor Moore, besides being the longest serving mayor in the U.S., was a descendent of the Old 300, the original settlers of Texas. Well, except the Indians and the rattlesnakes.

He was from a pioneer family and if you read any newspapers at all in the past week you probably already know all about him.

He was 92 when he passed and Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella, who is what we think is the second longest serving mayor in the U.S., and I were lamenting his passing when Mayor Scarcella reminded me that Hilmar Moore had what we in Texas call a perfect life. He owned a piece of land, some cattle, a horse, and had the love of two beautiful women. One of Mayor Moore’s children pointed out to me that he was proudest that he had been married for 25 years each to the two women. I guess being a good husband and being elected mayor by the electorate closest to you speaks volumes about your worth as a man.

Everyone has some great Hilmar tales, most of which were told at the luncheon/roast several years ago when former governor Dolph Briscoe spoke and presented Mayor Moore a fancy shotgun.

Mayor Moore oversaw Richmond, the tiny little sleepy village which saw the last battle of the Civil War (it was called the Jaybird-Woodpecker War) and grew as Houston expanded. It is a town that is home to many county buildings which pay no property taxes and therefore starve the city’s coffers. He was able to govern the town and keep it the picturesque village it always was.

Hilmar Moore was a Texas icon who left behind a legacy that is a way of life which hardly exists anymore. His statute is right by city hall. Although he tried to be irascible and hard and tough, many can tell you about the hand he lent to many over the years. The adage, “a legend in his own time” can’t be said about many, but it can truly be said about Hilmar Moore.

Just a reminder…… I keep reading and hearing from all those nut jobs out there that President Obama is going to ruin this country, turn us all into a Marxist-loving, American-hating Muslims. Oh, and he’s gonna take away all our guns.

Well, he’s been president for four years and none of the dread things have happened. Do you think maybe someone is feeding you a bunch of malarkey?

Remember, Republicans complain about immigrants taking American jobs, then freely give American jobs to foreigners overseas.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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