EDITORIAL: Time for county commissioners to take care of their own precinct

Commissioners elected in their precincts only; other officials elected county-wide

By LeaAnne Klentzman

Here we are sitting on the edge of the fiscal cliff and possibly the end of the world (if you buy into the Mayan thingie) and what are our conservative, oh so fiscally responsible, Fort Bend Commissioner’s doing? Well, they are trying to pull off one of the biggest power grabs we have seen in recent history.

For the last 16 years outgoing sheriff and company have been, uh, how shall we put this nicely…they have been treating that court like the pavement princesses they are. For years if the Sheriff didn’t get what he wanted at budget time, he just did what he wanted anyway and went about his business, leaving his commissioner buddies to eat his dust.

They carped and whined but never stopped it when he did it and were forced, because of their own impotence, to fund it anyway. So, now that the old guy is out – the two commissioners who claim to be so fiscally responsible are out for the grab!

What Pct. 4 Commissioner James Patterson and Pct. 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers are doing is forming yet another full blown department to manage the cars that the county owns. Now, know up front that all departments or elected officials who have cars already have folks in place to manage their fleet…more than one in some cases.

Don’t let that get confused with the county’s Vehicle Maintenance Department which is a whole other animal in itself. It has not run well for years, but a commissioner’s crony is over it, so….

Anyway, what these guys have done is to sweep all the monies in all budgets for automobiles and put it in a line item that gives only them the power to control. In short, Commissioners, with their vast knowledge and experience in paper pushing, will determine what trucks, police cars, and heavy equipment will be ordered for the folks that really do the work.

Now keep in mind, these are two men, who in past lives were a schoolmarm (Patterson) and a self-proclaimed businessman (Meyers) want to select everything from the vehicle itself to the stripes on the sides and the radios inside. Who would have imagined there could be that much slush to go around in the car world?

In any event, doesn’t it make more sense to leave the car wrangling to those who know how to do it and for you commissioners to watch the roads in your precincts you were elected to watch and help folks get the service they need in your area? Just say’n…

This power grab to control vehicles is really the last straw. You are already forcing elected officials to buy products that they do not want, which are bigger, and often more expensive than they need all in an effort to capitulate to your demands. In some circles that is called extortion. Now, you want to control the vehicles, really? And then, after Commissioners have formed this new bureaucracy, it will need to be staffed, headed by a long time stooge, who will be supported by a pack of stooges and stoogettes. Really!?!

The problem with all this is, well….the problem is leaving. Done. Gone. Retired as of January 1. So, guys, get over being scraped off the bottom of his shoe for the years before and do your job by letting others do theirs now.

If any elected officials are out of line, spank them, but don’t punish ALL elected officials and the taxpayer because you were too afraid or failed to stop the last one. Status quo was thrown out in May.

These particular commissioners are supposed to be conservative. Are you forgetting your mantra…NO more BIG government? We don’t need MORE government waste, you so conservative Republican Commissioners. We need more responsive officials who do what they were elected to do.

We the people, remember us – the voters – we have selected who we want to serve US, and believe we are on our way to accomplishing just that to some small degree. Oh and by the way, we are watching you others.

Now please, we are running up on a new year. It is time to grow up and act like adults. No more underhanded backroom stuff, Andy Meyers (and yes sir), folks are repeating what you say.

No more flow charts with task assignments for other ELECTED officials either, James Patterson. Each elected official shall be held accountable; however, you commissioners need to let them do the job they were elected to do, not play Big Daddy.

Money is still tight and we, the voters, want the best services available for the best dollar. You guys do your job by running your precincts. and let the folks who were elected to run the county do theirs.

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