Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 12/26/12

I declare, the older I get, the more Democratic I become. I hate to admit this as Fort Bend is such a red county in such a red state, but I just can’t stand all the silliness going on in Washington now with the Republicans leading the pack.

I thought when President Obama won his second term (and there was never any doubt in my mind that he would, even with voter suppression. If it hadn’t been for voter suppression which Republicans admitted openly in many states, President Obama would have whipped Mitt Romney like a rented mule.)

But I digress. I thought the Republicans were just trying to keep President Obama from getting a second term and when he did, the Republicans would settle down and try to work with all their Democratic colleagues for the good of the country.

But nooooo. They continue their shrill refusal to work with the Democrats at all. It’s just amazing and getting ridiculous.

Do the Republicans realize how silly and out of step they seem. They offer up a Plan B which still protects rich people, hurts poor working mothers, and does any number of things to other people who are not members of the country club. No wonder Grover Norquist approves voting for it.

But they can’t get enough Republicans to vote for it because it’s STUPID. They break up and go home for Christmas. I don’t think they realize that not getting something passed will cause taxes to go up for everybody and cause draconian cuts in government spending. Who do they think is propping up the economy for the past 2 years? It’s certainly not the Walmart shoppers because Walmart buys all its good overseas and hires a bunch of first generation American to work less than 40 hours a week so they won’t have to pay for hospitalization or any other benefits.

Oh, wait a minute. I think they have the benefit of buying Walmart stock cheaper than people on the street. Big Whoop.

Second reason I’m not a Republican anymore: Republicans don’t want to pay for your birth control, but they want you to pay for their Viagra.

I’ve got to quit watching news channels. I can’t seem to even get in the Christmas spirit. Does anybody else think this is the longest time between Thanksgiving to Christmas this year?

Our new receptionist is finding out what it’s like to work for a newspaper. We had a terrible week last week. We called Dianne Wilson a DISTRICT clerk instead of a COUNTY clerk. Probably only five people in Fort Bend know the difference and it appears our reporter isn’t one of the five. Certainly Dianne’s husband Bob does. He told receptionist/reporter Denise off. I told Denise not to worry about it because Bob, who’s retired, probably just didn’t have anything to do.

Then I called the new mayor of Richmond, the first new mayor Richmond has had for 64 years, a window instead of a widow. And I wrote the headline myself and read it about 10 times before it was published.

Then the last straw. According to a complaint I received from a reader, reporter Elsa ran a picture of the Aztec calendar instead of the Mayan calendar with her story about the end of the world.

I told the editor Jean Sandlin, who celebrated her birthday that very day, that maybe we were both getting too old to publish a newspaper.

Maybe next year will be better. Happy New Year, ya’ll.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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