Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 01/23/13

I’m getting better……. I settled in for a long winter day Monday as I watched almost the entire inauguration event. It was wonderful. Everyone behaved beautifully, even the Republicans. Of course no telling how many were meeting secretly in some 5-star restaurant, plotting ways to keep Obama from another term. Just kidding. Even Republicans know that a president only gets two terms. But I’m sure they were plotting something.

And it’s that second term that’s a killer. Every recent president has failed the second term. Nixon had Watergate; Reagan had Iran-Contra; Clinton had Lewinsky; Bush had two regrettable, expensive, and off the books wars which got him booed out of Washington. You hadn’t seen him back there, have you? So we can keep our fingers crossed that the two-term scandal doesn’t land on President Obama.

For those of you who criticized the president for chewing gum while in the reviewing stand, the gum he was chewing was nicorette. Seems he’s having a hard time breaking the smoking habit too.

This week is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and a surprising 70% of Americans do not want to see it overturned. You can’t tell that by those states that have gerrymandered its conservatives into winning state house seats as those states have practically eradicated women’s productive rights. Guess who is serving in those state house seats. Yes, it’s men. I don’t know why the government can’t let women make their own decision about their reproductive rights and stay the hell out.

On the local front, about the only thing stirring is jockeying for position to run for the local city councils and school boards. Deadlines are soon so if you’ve a yen, better get in line.

I’ve still been under the weather and unable to visit and talk to anyone. I was very disappointed to learn that Fort Bend can just carry on without me.

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